Tuesday, March 31, 2009

David Bain questions for the day

Why did Robin Bain change jerseys after he had killed his family and in particular Stephen Bain?

In this series of photos we see Robin Bain was wearing a brown jersey when discovered, yet fibres from underneath the fingernails of Stephen Bain indicate a struggle with someone who wore a green jersey.

Why would Robin Bain wash the jersey, hang it on the line, and then change into a brown jersey?


mojo said...

Is there an historic agenda here Gooner??

Gooner said...

Nah, not at all.

I'm just raising questions that I think people need to consider and that I find interesting. There might be more as the trial unfolds.

My bias is apparent!

Inventory2 said...

And all that before he had a Jimmy Riddle! Still the best thing Bain has going for him is Milton Weir - Wishart was right about him!

Anonymous said...

Yep IV2. If it was him he was certainly "pissed" off!

Falafulu Fisi said...

David Bain wanted to go to his dance or theater class on the morning of the killing sometime shortly after his interview with the authorities.

That didn't look like someone who was traumatized by the tragic event that happened that morning to his family.

Anonymous said...

Milton Weir - google him & read what Ian Wishart/Investigate wrote of him in 2007 etc.

Apparently involved with prostitution rackets and other dodgy corrupt dealings.

Now, wasn't Laniet supposed to have been spilling the beans on her alledged incest the day she was killed? Wasn't she a prostitute at one point in her life too?

If so, wonder if she ever had dealings with Milton Wier and other corrupt Dunedin cops? What's the bet she did? Funny how her electronic diary was never seen again. What a coincidence eh!

Now what would the corrupt Dunedin cops be thinking on the day of the murder?

Hmmm, now if Robin Bain was the murderer, the question would have to be asked, "why?". And you can bet that apart from the alledged incest, investigating "why" would bring out further allegations/reports of corrupt police activity such as drugs and prostitution involvement etc. So wouldn't the corrupt cops then want to ensure that there was no heat or traction on these etc? Well what better way than to divert attention to David Bain and frame him instead. Perfect eh!

Now I do not know for sure whether David Bain is the killer or not, but I cannot see a motive. For the father, yes there is a motive. For corrupt cops, then David was the perfect scapegoat. This is just my opinion, I hope investigative journos, bloggers, Ian Wishart etc, has the time to look further into the corrupt goings on of the Dunedin Police. What Investigate has reported on so far has been very interesting.

Now here's a conspiricy theory.... David and Robin did not kill the family. Corrupt cops (or associates) did to ensure Laniet's expose of incest and prositution never saw the light of day. Crazy conspiricy theory you ask? Maybe it is but that goes a hell of a long way explaining why the entire family was killed and how convenient, they knew David was on a paper run and had the time to do so. Funny how forensic evidence wasn't preserved and the house burned down by Police two weeks later. So much evidence went up in smoke that day.

Someone should get onto Weir's ass and the other corrupt cops etc. Someone is bound to squeak.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:38pm, you've obviously been reading far too many comics or have forgotten to take your pills.


Anonymous said...

How can people think Robin had a motive and David didn't. David gtrew up in a totally dysfunctional and sick family (see McNeish's history)and as a disturbed personality has harboured fantasies for a long time. Robin was only depressed, and depressed fathers don't kill their family - maybe himself. And Laniet was famous for saying her father abused her - she even told the local dairy owner, which will come out in the evidence later. David's family on both sides will have nothing to do with him.

Anonymous said...

True Anon, but I never get too concerned with motives. I think they’re largely irrelevant. Who knows what people’s motives are unless they’re asked. I prefer evidence and there is no evidence Robin Bain killed anyone in that house.

Anonymous said...

Why? Because he had blood all over it and, being of the old school and of sound mind, he didn’t want to die a messy death. Why else? It’s what I’d do. I’m just surprised he didn’t have the decency to put on a tie.


Anonymous said...

I have long thought there was a third party. It always bothered me that the house was burnt to the ground so quickly and for what good reason? Hide evidence,stop any further evidence procedure.
Who benefited from the sale of the land. Surley all that would normally be Davids inheritance.

Anonymous said...

I have a question too. If Robin Bain was the killer (which I don't believe) then his morning routine that day would NOT be his usual one of getting up at 1/4 to 7 and praying by the alcove in the lounge. That was what he did on a 'noraml' day, right? So how come he just *happened* to shoot himself in the head at 1/4 to 7 in the alcove if THIS was the day he was to slaughter his family. Wouldnt he just have shot himself in the same room as the last person he killed? and at the same time? Why go back to the prayer spot? and why at the usual time? furthermore, why would a man who prayed every day commit mass murder and frame the only 'deserving' member of the family by inconveniently leaving abunch of evidence pointing to David? Why would someone wait several minutes- cos thats how long a computer took to boot up in those days,- to write a'suicide note' of 10 words? he could scrawl that note in about 10 seconds on paper, after all. if he was depressed he might have shot himself only. But also, why did David deserve to stay? Aroha and Stephen had yet to screw up in that family, unlike most of the others, including David. I could go on....

Anonymous said...

Just a passing thought, could it be possible that robin killed the family and david killed robin in return for doing that? What do you guys think?

Like I said it's just a passing thought.