Monday, March 30, 2009

Cross-checking at TVNZ

Close Up ran a story tonight about a fraudster named Ashley Palmer and how he is taking deposits from the elderly and others to build portable kitchens and granny flats but then not actually building them anything. From these two he, or more's the point his company Envirotech Industries Limited, gobbled up about $60,000.00. They interviewed Palmer who supplied some bullshit and then proceeded to try and leave the interview when his victims turned up.

He has many convictions for fraud the story told us.

Well Gooner has discovered where some of the victims' hard-earned money went. Back to TVNZ through advertising spending.

You see during the ad break of Close Up there was an ad for a company called, um, er Envirotech Industries Limited, and they were advertising, um er portable kitchens and granny flats.

Not sure what a 30 second slot on Close Up costs but I bet it ain't cheap.

Probably around $60K I reckon.

UPDATE: A search at the Companies Office reveals a Graham Ashley Palmer is the sole director of Envirotech.


Seamonkey Madness said...

Doh! Talk about an own goal!


An amazing story there Gooner, well spotted.
I recall seeing the ad, but missed the story as I watched TV3 for a while.
But brilliant own goal.
I wonder if they will pay their advertising bill now.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's called 'draggig the ball onto the stumps.'

Very well spotted indeed, Gooner.

Anonymous said...

If it were $60K I doubt TVNZ would be laying off staff right now. An ad in Close Up is probably about $5-$8,000.

Anonymous said...

Sure Anon.. I was being facetious.