Monday, March 16, 2009

Crime debate

I see Simon Power has launched a Crime forum. I'm a bit late on this but better late than never I suppose.

I don't really see the need for expensive and time consuming forums, think tanks, meetings and inquiries into matters crime. So much is available in universities, libraries, and on the net about causes of crime that I think this is a waste of time and money.

What we need to do, and I thought about this as a PhD topic one day, is not theorise and opine on the causes of crime, rather we should find 50 or so New Zealanders from across the divides who have never committed a criminal offence (or at least been caught) and find out why they don't get involved in crime and why their upbringing and livelihood led them away from crime.

Then we just need to find the common factors (which in all likelihood will be factors such as strong and loving parenting including boundaries and discipline, being taught what is right from wrong, personal responsibility etc) and then use these factors for any discussion about our policy framework.

I reckon that's pretty easy. It's contrarian, but that's a good thing.

On another crime matter, I see Lew over at Kiwipolitico has emailed David Garrett about his "homosexual rape" comments on double bunking. The emails make interesting reading.

There is one thing about David Garrett that you all need to know: if the sky is blue, David will say the sky is blue. He is delightful from the point of view that he pulls no punches and leaves you in no doubt what his views are. Whether someone like that will make a successful politician is up for debate, but it's a great personal trait IMHO.

I don't necessarily agree with Garrett's views on crime and punishment but he makes his points well and should be commended for getting stuck in. A perfect ACT MP in my view.

There is nothing inherently wrong with double bunking and I reckon the excuse that it will lead to more cases of rape utterly false.

That's because, by definition, males cannot rape males.


MikeE said...

"That's because, by definition, males cannot rape males."

Interesting, so in NZ, legally speaking there is no such thing as "anal rape" .... what is the crime there? Sexual Assault? unlawful sexual connection etc?

That said - it is pretty much clutching at straws/playing on technicalities. But it is possibly a piece of legislation that does need to be tidied up.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Act when they say we've become too hung up on criminal's rights. What about the victims rights? Don't do the crime and you won't be double bunked, simple as that.

Sally said...

"A perfect ACT MP in my view."

Wouldn't it be great if some National MPs had Garrett's traits!

Anonymous said...

Mike, yep, unlawful sexual connection.


Baxter said...

The survey is being managed by the Ministry of Justice, and data will be analysed by staff at the law faculty of Victoria University, the Ministry of Justice, and an independent statistician. A report on the key findings is expected to be available by mid 2010..........Nuff said waste of time, why don't they also have a committee of frontline Police Staff,frontline Prison Wardens, andpeople nominated by the sensible sentencing trust also do an analyses and see how the findings of each compare.