Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogging, monkeys, rankings and other bollix

Why do we do this? Blogging I mean.
I think we have now reached critical mass within our small echo chamber. How many of you read the blogs for news instead of the dead tree press? How many of us barely pay attention when the white teethed talking heads are delivering the two minute sound bite news on our network TV?
I get all my news from online papers (mostly overseas as ours are shite) and blogs.
I read around 60 different blogs a day which might seem excessive to some but as a young fella delivering papers I found myself pinching a copy of every paper and reading them all every day.

I started blogging because I was angry, at first commenting on a few blogs and then with my own modest efforts until a few months ago I was asked to contribute here as well. This has perhaps not worked out quite so well for the old hands here because since November I have struggled to maintain my anger. But the anger is building again as we see the fallout from Labour's nine years of profligate wasteful spending and my anger is going to be turned towards National pretty soon if as I suspect they shoehorn Clark, Cullen and a few others of the old guard into nice fat retirement gigs. I can understand Key wanting to see these dinosaurs removed from parliament but ignominy and disgrace is my preferred exit strategy for them. The ACC shortfall and Kiwi Fail completely wipes out any credit Cullen gets for establishing a sovereign fund. A fund that should now be shut off until such time as we can afford to put money in it from earnings rather than borrowings. Personally I would see it closed until the economy is fixed and then roll all the state owned enterprises into it.

Anyway back to blogging and the monkey clip at the top, we have within our midst a very good blog written by Lee Anonymong, his blog is called Monkey with Typewriters and he has been beating himself off tirelessly for months delivering funny and thought provoking posts. Certainly his content is topical and a lot less self absorbed than the drivel I shit out out at my place.
Each month when Darth Selwyn spins his runes and tastes the yoghurt of popularity, Lee finds himself not very high in rank and very low in mood.
This is a mystery to me, a mystery even more confusing than my ability to turn a fox into a whale simply by marrying her........ TWICE.
So the clip at the top is a nudge for all our readers to nip over and have a look through the back catalogue at Monkeys with Typewriters and leave a few words of encouragement for our emotionally fragile simian fellow traveler. His most recent posts are self indulgent shite so you have to go down the page a bit.
And my final comment is for Lee himself, how many offers to post elsewhere have you had this week? Plenty I should think. That is the only measure of your work that counts. When other bloggers are keen for you to toil building their profile you know you are on the right foot.
Keep it up you hairy chump.

Oh, and before I forget, Fairfacts Media is taking a short holiday from No Minister but is continuing to excrete at Barnsley Bill.


Will de Cleene said...

Bravo for the clip!

Sally said...

"but ignominy and disgrace is my preferred exit strategy for them."

I am on total agreement. They must not get away with their profligate ways.

I am so angry with what is happening in a local council with the unethical behaviour of the Mayor and his CEO! They hide behind the flashest lawyers because the fees are not coming out of their pockets.

The ordinary person(s) they attack are not able to fight the injustices because they cannot afford the hefty fee.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should start rumours, you know, like they do in Hollywood to stimulate interest in stars whose carrers are flagging. We'll call it MSM, for monkey stimulating movement. Oh wait! that's already taken.

Barnsley Bill said...

I have heard it said that MWT is so tough that chuck norris calls him Mr Monkey, I have also heard that Paul Henry wants MWT to play him in the biopic.

Sally.. We are as one.

Anonymous said...

We should tell ALL middle-aged women that he's gay -- that'll certainly boost his blog stats!!! The middling-agers love flirting with gay men, it helps to keep their claws sharpened for the real thing.

Psycho Milt said...

I'm getting mixed messages here, BB - you're saying Monkeys With Typewriters is as sublimely wonderful as the TV show Monkey, but also as crap as the musician Peter Gabriel?

Ah, I get it - the same blog can be both at different times. Applies to most of our efforts, I suppose.

Barnsley Bill said...

It is all things to all men PM, but it was more about me pointing out a lesser bloggers mental frailty.

showmethetaxcut said...

And a big thank you to showmethetaxcut for inspiring me to put this song up for youre edification.

Barnsley Bill said...

Quite right. That was very remiss of me to omit crediting SMTTC for the nudge.
In honour of you I have prepared a very special Friday karaoke. It will appear around 6pm on Friday over at my sewer..
A teaser... have you ever seen a small pooch that performs death metal?

showmethetaxcut said...

I look forward to it even though I suspect a severe piss take coming my way or my musical tastes in nirvana.