Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At Last Labour Gets It Right

No, you're not dreaming.


Up and coming future Labour PM Kelvin Davis (If he's descended from Merekaimanu Anderson and Edward Telford Davis then he is a distant cousin of Adolf's) has issued a stinging press release deploring Hone Harawira's support for his two wretched nephews who attacked John Key.

"“Hone can’t have it both ways. On most days he lectures Pakeha on how they should respect the dignity of Maori protocol, yet at Waitangi he thinks it’s cool that something akin to a street brawl involving the Prime Minister, who after all is his boss, takes place,” says Kelvin Davis."

Good onya, Kelvin! ! !

Up north, the Maori word for trouble is 'Harawira.'


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm surprised DIM hasn't been along yet to wonder why Adolf would have two distant cousins of note. Maybe he's still smarting from the shellacking he got the other day from a whole bunch of programmers about RSI/OOS.

Ruth said...

Totally agree with the post. What a handsome fellow Davis is!

My Dad is friends with Titewhai I have to admit- and agree they are a rum bunch overall.

erikter said...

Hone is as thuggish as his cousins. Violence runs high in the blood of the Harawira family.

Inventory2 said...

Small point Adolf - I'm a bit anal about apostrophes, and "Get's" in the title line should be "Gets"!

Otherwise, I couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

A smile to rival Key's, this guy is yummy!

Barnsley Bill said...

He is one of the few mp's to transit through keri airport that does not arrive looking like a young prince expecting all to bow before him. The two most notable examples of this arrogance are bradford and gravy jones.

emmess said...

Fuck me
Thats the first sensible thing I heard from Labour since about 1993

Barnsley Bill said...

I meant harawira sorry, should probably have mentioned that. Davis is still a non. But if he has the endorsement of Adolf he is one to watch.


You know Adolf, you could be related.
There's something about the eyes and the nose.
They look a little similar.

Madeleine said...

Is this a member of the same party that sought to criminalise parents for giving their kids a light smack but now wants adults who lightly assault the PM to not face criminal prosecution?