Monday, March 30, 2009

At Last, A Beacon of Common Sense

For a clear and concise summary of the politics of Fiji and the associated folly of Clark's regime, you could not go past this morning's Herald opinion piece by Dr David Neilson, senior lecturer at, of all places, that hot bed of socialist sin, Waikato University.

"Contrary to widespread thinking and unlike previous coups, the December 2006 Bainimarama-led takeover was not to protect the indigenous heritage from Indo-Fijian-supported, Labour Party-led Governments.It was motivated by the perceived corruption of Laisenia Qarase's SDL party Government, and against its institutional racism towards Indo-Fijians."

You would never have guessed this from the strident rhetoric of Clark, Peters and, I regret to say, McCully and Co when in opposition.

"There's also a strong prima facie case, according to the Commission of Inquiry into the 2006 Fiji General Election, to indicate that this election was systematically corrupt and probably denied for the third time in Fiji's recent history the election of a Labour Party-led Government."

Somewhat like like NZ's 2005 election was rigged by way of illegal spending on the part of Clark and Co. Quarase had very experienced mentors in Clark and Peters.

Here is the most astute of observations:-

"But substantive problems arise because the achievement of a genuine democracy is not simply given by universal franchise.

The developed world often thinks democracy is a straightforward gift to developing nations and that its repeated failure has nothing to do with the complexities of achieving democracy. Despite obvious and less obvious anomalies, election observers from the UN and the developed world are keen to rubber-stamp just about any election."

The Commodore is absolutely right to politely tell the UN, The Pacific Forum, New Zealand, Australia and all other do gooder busy bodies to fuck off and mind their own business.

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