Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The World is Mine! All Mine!

Will she get the job?
Should she?
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Anonymous said...

Who is she competing against for this post? Do you think she should get it?

Anonymous said...

By definition - no.

Anonymous said...

she can FRO and stay there. nz owes her nothing

Anonymous said...

Why has Key endorsed her for this? After the nonsense of the EFA, the awful treatment of Peter Doone, the lust for power at any cost, etc, I think she will get her worldly reward, what has she to stay for here?

showmethetaxcut said...

I would not be so sure that Clark has this in the bag.

The Americans will decide who gets this job and the word is that given the budget involved, they will want one of their own and who can blame them after all the crap that has come out of this crap institution in recent years.