Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whoever wins the Green co-leadership, loses!

Pity the poor Green Party co-leader who takes over from Jeanette Fitzsimons.
As they survey the scene, much is turning to custard for the watermelons.
You think they might have it all, but they do not.
Global Warming may have been accepted by the media and governments, but increasingly the public are sceptical, especially as the weather has been getting colder this past ten years.
And as families suffer from recession and unemployment, the environment will not be quite as high on the agenda as before, either for householders or the governments elected by them.
Indeed, the Green agenda has often been shown to be wrong, be it bio-fuels, the deadly lightbulbs, or the environmentalist opposition to bush clearances causing many deaths in the recent Victoria bushfires. Indeed, the crowing over climate change causing the bushfires will backfire bigtime over the Tasman.
Now, with our own Greens, we will see heaps of praise given to Genetix. She will be canonised by much of the media and political community in the weeks ahead, just like Rod Donald was when he died.
True, there will be bloggers like Liberty Scott, Peter Cresswell, and Cactus Kate who will point out the many faults of Jeanette Fitzsimons, but relative to her successors, she will be a giant. It will be tough to fill her shoes.
And this point will be magnified by the praise heaped on Jeanette as she departs the scene, something John Key, David Farrar and myself realise, in our relative kind words. The bigger Jeanette is built up, the smaller will appear her successor.
And what a delightful array of potential successors we have!
The mad Marxist Sue Bradford, whose best contribution to New Zealand is section 59 and wanting to ban so many other things.
Then we have the anarchic Maori lawyer Metiria Turei.
And we might even have the totally nutty Catherine Delahunty if she makes a late bid for the leadership.
In a changing economic and political climate, and with the Greens now lacking the saintly and trustworthy Genetix, there is only one way for the Greens in New Zealand and that is down.
And a new and inexperienced leader could well seal their extinction as a parliamentary force in 2011.
Let us hope so!


bozo said...

nutty Catherine Delahunty

Yes, that's true. This nutter made a comment recently, claiming that global warming caused the current global financial crisis.

What a daft and an idiot woman. Such comment like that coming out from the mouth of an MP who suppose to know of how to contribute (making laws) in running a country, makes her look like an uneducated person or a school dropout. It is sad to see NZ voters who put idiots like her into parliament.


That's an excellent comment, bozo.
I do hope it can be read online somewhere.
Delahunty is totally bonkers.