Thursday, February 12, 2009

When Two Is Not Five

Would ALL authors please note we here at No Minister for some weeks now have been operating a 'two posts per day' regime. The regime was instituted to give less prolific authors a fair go so that their posts remain on view for a reasonable time rather than be quickly pushed down the page by a torrent of verbiage from one person.

Most are co-operating but one in particular does not seem to understand that 2 is not 3 or four or 5.

Fairfacts, please get the message. If you want to post so prolifically, why don't you open up your own blog and just put your best two on here at No Minister?



That seems a good idea Adolf.
BB showed the model and it seems to work.
But what do others think?
The viewers for No Minister shot up when our total postings increased to around ten a day.
Variety is the spice of life and it is great to see more of our team commenting in recent days.
I don't want this blog to be a Fairfacts media show either.
But I want us to see more posts overall.

LaFemme said...

It sounds like a socialist's wet dream: Let's make everyone equal! You get two and you get two and you get two, blah blah blah.
It that really how diversity works, on a quota system?
Where's the democracy? I though this was a center right blog.
And Fairfacts, if you do start your own blog, please keep your fans informed.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Adolf. Most of Fairfacts posts are repetitive and just paranoid obsessive blathering about Obama and Muslims. Lots of posts are ok only when the topics are varied and you don't say the same things over and over again.

Psycho Milt said...

People reaching agreement amongst themselves on the running of their own co-operative venture is undemocratic? When did that come in? I must have missed it.

We hit a dozen posts a day last year, which does result in more visits as people try and keep up. But it also results in those of us who post less often and with correspondingly more time and effort going into each post seeing those posts shunted off the page within a few hours of posting them, which isn't a pleasant feeling.

Anonymous said...

you could ditch psycho milt and allow FFM another two posts per day...

PM of NZ said...

anon 0843

Now, there's an idea worth debating.

Anonymous said...

I, personally, enjoy Fairfacts Media, and his postings are always of interest.

So what if he blogs about Obama's failings - it is good that someone does. If others on this blog want to post more often - good. Anyway, welcome back to NZ Fairfacts.

ZenTiger said...

This is where technology is letting group blogs down.

The high post rate brings in more readers I think.

The need is to have the last two or three posts from each author down a sidebar, with current content along the top, and the latest comments listed not in comment order, but against each thread under discussion to make it easy to continue conversations on old posts even as new posts come on.

I had this working slightly with my previous template, and then went and threw all that away and changed it to a crappy, broken template that looked good at the time.

Anyway, point is you need best of both worlds - step 1: any chance you can change your template, or simply use the sidebar to show last 2-5 posts for each author (if you tag using an author name, then you can set up a RSS feed tied to that author with a standard blogger widget).

Redbaiter said...

Hell, if it wasn't for Fairfax, this blog would be a lot slower and less interesting. I think you should be grateful that he puts in the effort he does. I agree with the suggestion above. Ditch Milt. He's a left wing bore, entirely predictable, and you can read his one dimensional hate the rich crap on a thousand other bolshie sites.

Why don't you just show the first few lines of your posts and link to the bulk on another page, then they are not shunted down out of sight as you complain about?

coge said...

Geez Adolf. "Welcome back to NZ, Fairfacts!"

Anonymous said...


In the last few weeks this site has suffered from a LACK of posts.
Keep it up Fairfacts, I for one enjoy reading most of what you have to say.


Alan said...

I enjoy Fairfacts imput, it is the main reason I look at this site. The more the better.

Anonymous said...

I'm with LaFemme. It's socialist. It's greenie.

But with Whaleoil coming over all greenie, who knows what's next?

Dave Mann said...

I like reading FFM and he often has interesting stuff in his posts.... but I agree with you Adolf. At one stage, I even wondered if this blog had changed its name to FFM!

Fairfacts, if you opened you own blog (a great name btw!), then I would visit..... but I wouldn't desert this blog in favour.

As for 'democracy' I fail to see how a group decision to do something is 'undemocratic'. LaFemme, you are confusing anachism with cooperation and questions of democracy don't come into it, sorry.

Psycho is, I believe, a closet rightie hahahaha! Well, maybe not, but he often makes a heap of sense and his posts prove that politically speaking life doesn't come in neat red/blue packages... there are shades in between if only we try to look for them.

LaFemme said...

Sorry, Dave, but "let's all take turns" is just socialism by stealth, plus it sounds a whole lot like the american democrats' abominable Fairness Doctrine.
Kiwis can do better.

Anonymous said...

Adolf has certainly opened up a can of worms with his throwing of the toys from his cot.
Looks like you boys need to have some think about where to take your blog next, to the next level, in markleting speak.
You have a talented array of writers, it is just that Fairfacts is the most prolific.
I have enjoyed Adolf's commentary right from his days at Sir Humphreys.
It is a shame he does not post more often.Adolf is amazingly witty and most perceptive.
Psycho Milt is brilliant and a great strength to your blog.
The fact that he is a lefty makes your blog more unpredictable and surprising, especially as he does not follow any leftist line either.
Like Adolf, he too should make a daily contribution.
Gooner makes valuable contributions too and recent remarks from Grant and Lou were brilliant.
Loved your last post Grant.
That Green is certainly crazy.
Lafemme is right on calling the two-posts a day rule a socialist wet dream.
Isn't No Minister a neo-libertarian blog, even PM is neo-libertarian in his beliefs.
No Minister is capitalism in action, all participants fighting for space and attention in a freemarket free-for-all.
Rationing to two posts a day looks like some old wartime relic.
Perhaps Whale Oil or someone should do a poll.

LaFemme said...

I'd love to break my cardinal rule of not responded to anonymous posters and tell anonymous what a great summation that is, but, alas! I cannot, principle rules the day.
Pity, it really is a good post:)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back FFM, apart from your postings when away there has been very little of any interest on offer. (We will happily follow you if you do choose to start your own blog) I agree with Redbaiter and wonder if the little Green Eyed monster bit Adolf on the arse? *Grins*


Lou Taylor said...

being away I missed most of the discussion about this but having thought about it I would like to think that No Minister is a home for free thought. Each post is but a seed and if we want change in this world then we need a big harvest. So I actually don't mind FFM being prolific. I have decided to only do one post a day max because the topics are well and truly covered by people more capable than myself.Posting is a privilege so I don't want to waste people's valuable time.

Clunking Fist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clunking Fist said...

ps i don't want to get involved in THIS lovers tiff...

Clunking Fist said...

"Looks like you boys need to have some think about where to take your blog next, to the next level, in markleting speak."

Markleting speak! Just like on Marklar!

and the best I could do in video:

Dave Mann said...

On second thoughts, Adolf, wouldn't it have been more appropriate to have communicated directly with FFM rather than airing this as a complaint in open forum?

Lou Taylor said...

This blog is also owned by the people who visit and comment. You are half the equation so I think it has been good to see what everyone has thought. We can only be successful by delivering what people want.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Dave Mann, of course, what you suggest has been done already but to no avail.

Barnsley Bill said...

Oh dear, there was also another agreed path.

Simon said...

Keep the Obama posts coming. The man is an utter cretin. So are the failures known as the O Team. You will be able to blog the coming US train wreck.

DenMT said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Adolf. I very rarely comment but I read almost daily, and 'torrent of verbiage' best describes what FFM comes up with. You have people like Gooner and PM, who spend time crafting original posts on issues that express a personal viewpoint and somewhat of a digestion of an issue, you have Adolf who hits and misses with comedy on the issues but the hits are really quite clever, and you have the traditional FFM post which runs along the lines of: 'Here is an article I read, here are two other links to related articles, what do YOU think about it?'

Quality over quantity. If you are convinced that your material is pushing up readership FFM, why not branch out, start your own blog, and give the other authors some breathing room.


Barnsley Bill said...

hmmmm, hardly an impartial contribution.

Redbaiter said...

Fuck off DenMT, you're a politically partisan braindead moron and your pretense to objectivity is extremely offensive. FFM could be the best writer in the blogopshere and you would still attack him because he writes stuff that directly confronts your pathetic tired old left liberal political views.

LaFemme said...

How about we just vote finklestine off the island? That'll leave more room for Fairfacts -- problem solved.

DenMT said...

I draw great satisfaction that I can offend your wizened, shriveled little sensibilities Redbaiter. Funny that you suggest I attack FFM for writing stuff that 'confronts my views'. In the very same comment above, I said I enjoy reading Gooner and Adolf, who don't really subscribe to my political beliefs.

I have really noticed lately that there is a lot more chaff to wade through here to get to the wheat - that's the crux of the issue. Having said that, I acknowledge that I may not exactly be the target audience for this blog - but I do read and on the whole enjoy it. All feedback is useful feedback.


Redbaiter said...

Just keep doing what you're doing FF. I so enjoyed your good humoured posts during your travels, especially the stories about the cheap hotels in San Francisco etc. You obviously just love to write and you're damn good at it. Don't let this storm in a tea cup put you off. Keep up the good work, keep posting and most of all, keep smiling. Don't let bitter small minded leftist creeps like DenMT get to you.

Oswald Bastable said...

Real bloggers do it alone!

Anonymous said...

The muzzling of Fearfacts Media would be a blast were it not so serious.
Just what do the No Minister team actually believe in?
Here we have their most prolific blogger being silenced.
Silenced not by the left by from his own side!
This is the blog that cheerleads for the right, for Rogernomics, for Ruthenesia and general laissez-fair.
Yet it cannot abide a little laissez faire on its own side.
The most productive one must be thwarted and suffer some kind of socialist stranglehold.
Share and share alike, buggins turn, how communist can you get?
Yet, this is supposedly a right wing blog.
We see Muldoonism at its finest.
And with free speech being rationed like this, two posts a day, how can this blog now criticise the Electoral Finance Act, accusing that of rationing free speech, when it practices it itself?
Is that why there is no post on the EFA today?
Fearfacts has been silenced just as the leftists wanted the EFA to silence the VRWC.
Rubert Mugabe would be pleased as would old Aunty Helen.
The Standard boys will be guzzling the chardonnay in celebration.
And how was such a decision made to restrict posts?
What discussions took place among the member bloggers?
What chance was Fearfacts given to oppose a move?
Did its members have time to logically think through what they were supposedly supporting?
But now the mighty English oak has fallen, how are the others making the most of the extra sunlight available to them?
Not much it seems.
And No Minister bleeds from the lack of its usual 'verbiage'.
There is some, yes, but not as much as we enjoyed in the past.
And for this, No Minister will suffer.
You certainly do need to pause, reflect, and reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha!
Weren't the No Minister authors supporters of David Farrar and Cameron Slater's Free Speech Coalition at the time of the Electoral Finance Bill?
Didn't Adolf even attend one of the marches against it?
Hasn't Adolf also railed against political correctness, particularly when it involves restrictions on free speech?
Yet we have a very PC case of fair shares for all, something Adolf tends not to agree with on the taxation front.
Am I alone in detecting inconsistency?

Barnsley Bill said...

Didn't this thread go well.

FFM must be all a quiver with the lashings of support he has received on this thread.
As (I thought) previously agreed, our erstwhile blogging terminator arrives at Barnsley manor tomorrow for an extended stay, upon his arrival we will discuss the issue (as previously agreed).
Blog authors will get an email (rather than a post)once said discussions are concluded.
Once the unpleasantness is concluded I imagine blogging will be light as my pool is sparkly and my fridge is chocka block.
After 2 months having his mum wipe food of his face with a wet hanky and freezing his nuts off he must be very pleased with the tsunami of support this thread has delivered.

LaFemme said...

I like reading all the posters here, even Milt, but, quite frankly, it's Fairfacts who stokes the fire. If you guys lose him, or throw him under a bus, I think this blog will tank.
Just my opinion, mind you -- I have been wrong before -- but I am one of your customers, just like all the rest, so, good business people that you are, best to listen.

Psycho Milt said...

Well, I for one have always set great store by the views of Anonymous, so naturally his apparently manifold opinions on this matter will carry the utmost weight with me.


I am most humbled and flattered by the outpourings of support.
Now, PM should stay.
And neither should Adolf be voted off the island.
Now, the original decision on two posts was made without my knowledge.
I was emailed a fait accompli.
There again, I did not seek consent with my ten posts a day (for the overall blog, not just me) policy either.
But it did work wonders with our ratings, especially in the run up to Election 2008.
Yes, I did receive a warning a few weeks back about posting.
But the post yesterday was a disappointing surprise.
I do feel muzzled.

Anonymous said...

yeah im with redbaiter. PS Psycho Milt is shite.

sagenz said...

dont do a sir humpy guys.

Why doesnt fairfacts do a single post with multiple links and subjects. Personally his writing is not to my taste but it does keep no minister live and he seems to have some support from the kb masterbaiter intellectual end of your readership.