Sunday, February 22, 2009

A quick note to John and Mark

As someone with close relatives who are suffering, both physically and financially, from the collapse of Blue Chip, I was appalled to read that Mark Bryers is still receiving money from one his "companies". How the hell can that still be happening?
I know this request, (see below), will set some people off on a tirade about things that seem too good to be true usually ending being just that, but from my observations of those embroiled in Blue Chip, it seems that they are mostly ordinary people with not a lot of investment experience or financial know how, and who were willing to TRUST those who put these proposals to them. The kind of folk that wanted a slightly better than modest return on their investment so that they could help fund a new car, a holiday, or a better bequest to their families. The kind of folk that, sadly, fall easy prey to the sharks that convinced them there was no risk in mortgaging their homes to fund deposits that were often stolen, but were supposed to have been put towards the purchase of apartments that had been seriously overvalued before they had even been built.

So here's my note of advice to John Key, who's probably well over getting helpful hints from me. But tough, my vote doesnt come cheap.
"JK, you could do a lot worse than going out of your way to create an environment in NZ where people can invest their savings in New Zealand enterprises confident that it won't be stolen to fund the lifestyle of some fat f..kwit. An environment that would also contains provision to ensure that those charged with such thefts can't thumb their noses at their victims from foreign locations, and where government agencies move heaven and earth to ensure that these matters are dealt with in a timely and just fashion.
The last shower that passed themselves off as government in this country failed dismally to do this, but perhaps that's because they felt that only rich pricks had money to invest, which I believe cost them more than a few votes last November.
So show us what you can do John.

Oh, and Mark.......

Slow fire. Testicles. Fuse wire. Suspended over.
That would wipe the grin off your face.
Get my drift??

Photo pinched from the Herald. Thanks guys.


DigiSlidz said...

If you have lots of time go over to This forum has been following the saga for ages especially on the linked fora on the first page.

I do feel sorry for the investors as we nearly got sucked into a similar scheme and we also consider ourselves cautious investors. The scheme we nearly joined is going the way of Blue Chip.

Anonymous said...

"easy prey to the sharks that convinced them there was no risk in "

Ha, most of the time the so-called "advisors" who got punters into the scheme were either related in some way or a (golf) club colleague.......
Tell me, do you think BC paying 16% interest rates indicates some level of risk??? Go fucking figure.

Anonymous said...

It's called capitlism. Good on him!

The sooner KIwis see people like Mark as heroes, and the whingers for the bludghers that they are, the better of we all will be.

Grant said...

WTF is capitlism? And what is a bludgher?
Anonymous at 9.11pm are you really some lefty twat pretending to be ultra right? You'd have to be to post a comment like that. Piss off and annoy someone else.

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