Friday, February 27, 2009

The O-brainless One!

Just when I feel like listening to some of my critics and let Obambi have a day off from my lash, the leftist lightweight goes and says something stupid.
Obambi believes Americans invented the automobile, when it was in fact a German chappy called Karl Benz.
It seems much of his state of the union type speech contained other inaccuracies.
Just as adulatory when the One said he'd visited 57 US states.
If only the MSM had cut Dubya as much slack!
UPDATE: Liberty Scott pulls apart Obama's speech too.


Alan said...

All rhetoric and no substance.
Obama will eventually lose some of
his gloss to the MSM and thereafter
the bullshit will fail to be
glossed over.

PhilBest said...

The MSM are very responsible for their blatant partisanship in getting Obama elected unscrutinised. John Ziegler's "" is building a damning case against the media, with a documentary movie about to be released.

Ziegler has actually started to get the media worried and they have been interviewing him live. There are clips on Youtube that are very enlightening: MSNBC's interviewer hounding John Ziegler in righteous indignation for daring to suggest that they were guilty of bias, they were merely doing their job in alerting the public just how incapable Sarah Palin was and how wonderful Obama was. All the while, John Ziegler is not getting angry, he is bubbling over with mirth as the interviewer digs himself in deeper and deeper, you can just see Ziegler thinking "oh boy, am I going to make some beaut footage out of THIS......" Media bias....? Only in the eye of the beholder...


Phil thanks for this.
I recall some of the interviews of Obama voters Ziegler carried out on election day.
They knew bad stuff about Palin but nothing of Obama.

I think a radio dj did something similar too and the Obama voters supported the policies o0f John McCain and they were happy to have Palin on Obama's ticket too!

I will post on this over at TV2, I mean Barnsley Bill, since this channel has already had its first Obama post of the day.


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