Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nats on 56%: Mr Fill-in, the Invisible Man

Master Guyon can be so cruel.
TVNZ has a new poll and National's 56% was double Liarbour's 28%.
In the preferred PM race, John Boy was streets ahead on 51%, Uncle was on 10% and Phil in on 6%.
TVNZ called him the 'invisble man' and young Guyon looked so sombre.
True, he explained all about honeymoons and how John Boy can put no foot wrong, with Phil-in invisble and struggling for attention.
Well, with this poll coming so soon after the TV3 Poll, which even I thought was a bit of a rogue, I guess we can all take comfort at National's dominance and Liabour's impotence.
But how long will the honeymoon last?
Much depends on how National performs in the months ahead. There is much work to do and pointing out the error of Liarbour's ways.
There's Corrections and the failings of a government department stemming from a government putting its party members and placemen in charge. I could go on.
Among the many Liarbour messes to clear up, like for starters Judith Tizard's unexpected bomb, Section 92A, so as Homepaddock notes, let's get this distraction out of the way.
Well, I'll just end with a nice Cullensque phrase in the 'we won, you lot, eat that' mould.
"Have you seen the new One News Poll lefties? We'll, 56% to 28% lefties! Suck it up!

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CB said...

Oh no, not another rogue poll!

The bearded pol sci students were trying to blame the TV3 poll on the polling company changing but Guyons bro had already checked that one out - the polling company only changed their name, not their methodology.

Captain Key has a steady hand on the tiller.