Sunday, February 22, 2009

Media Prima Donnas

The only thing worse than a media prima donna is a Maori media prima donna.

I'll bet if Veitch had been a Maori, Jackson would have been all over the airwaves with excuses. There is nobody as racist as a Maori racist. I hope Veitch sues his arse off and sends the sanctimonious and despicable prick bankrupt.

What ever happened to the notion in this country that you are innocent until proven guilty?

What ever happened to perversion of the course of justice? Sure this matter is sub judice and Jackson has just made sure that few New Zealanders will be able to give a fair hearing to all the evidence. I hope he is charged and convicted for contempt of court as well as sent bankrupt.


LaFemme said...

So what happens next, does the court declare something akin to a mistrial even before trial?

KG said...

He'll get away with it--Maori racists are a protected species, as Tariana Turia has repeatedly demonstrated.