Thursday, February 26, 2009

Marking the governments's 100 days

Audrey Young of the New Zealand Herald looks at the performance of various ministers after the government's 100 days of office.

In her report card, she's given some high marks too, including nine for the Prime Minister.

Bill English scores seven, and while I've never been a fan of Bill, I am impressed by his realisation of the seriousness of the economic situation.

Stories like him saying government sees unemployment as the country's top priority highlight a government in touch with the issues and not shying away.

There's Judith Collins too, beavering away at Corrections (I am sure Crusher will finish off Mathews).

Steven Joyce also has issues with broadband and transport to grapple, and he seems to be.

Not mentioned, is Rodney Hide tackling local government over high rates and excessive spending and waste. Well done Rodney! A nine or ten from me.

We have a government that can look back with price at its achievements over its 100 days. Things like scrapping the Electoral Finance Act, initiatives on crime, health, education, its proposed Jobs Summitt, issues Garth George also raised below.

Even so, in times as tough as this, and even with an invisible opposition leader, there will be no time for National to rest on its laurels.

Is there anything else we can say about John Key and his government's first 100 days.

UPDATE: Government says it achieved all it set out to in its 100 days.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful And of course in some ways its a blessing for the new governemnt that we are in a crisis as it provides an opportunity for them to present themselves as real leaders.

Clark and Cullen cruised into power with an attitude of arrogance and contempt especially for those of us who voted against them.

They never ever established them sleves as real leaders. instead they were rulers over the great unwashed and boy did they reveal in this

By contrast we have the Nats/Act/MP displaying the right balance between command and control and listening to the citizens and taking note of them.

It will continue and it will mean a long term 3 to 4 terms asthe global crisis unfolds and this governemnt displays there is no alternative to it to deal with the long term situation


Clunking Fist said...

"Is there anything else we can say about John Key and his government's first 100 days."

Well, there's a feeling of relief in the country: a relief that what you say or do is not going to result in an attack from those on high (unless you chair a DHB or run a gummint dept).

Psycho Milt said...

You know, every time you post about the "Messiah" now I'm going to assume you're writing about John Key.

Let's take a different look at what the govt's done in its first 100 days:

1. Continued established previous govt practice of rushing through hastily-drafted legislation under urgency, with the additional affront of denying the public the right to make submissions.

2. Continued established previous govt practice of attacks on public officials connected with the Opposition.

3. Raised the prospect of further nationalisation.

You have to congratulate them on the continuity they've established, I'll give them that.

Anonymous said...

It will continue and it will mean a long term 3 to 4 terms

Nope. Sorry. Bzzt. Wrong. If it continues like this, the economic crisis will wipe out any goodwill the government will have, and Labour will be back next time, if not the time after.

They need to move fast to actually change important labour policies --- they have made no economically significant changes to Labour's policy settings at all, and have in fact gone further down Labour's path in important cases!

If that means pushing out the election, so be it.
They've got the majority.

The country voted for change. Time to see some real, real change NOW!

Psycho Milt said...

The country voted for change.

Really? It appeared to me that very large numbers of them voted for what amounts to a continuation of Labour's programme under different personnel. Any surprise that that's what they're getting?