Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Liarbour's moral wilderness

I'm not a religious chappie, but I do enjoy Britain's Archbishop Cranmer.
Now, Cranmer has just written a brilliant post entitled 'Labour's Moral Wilderness.'
Cranmer looks at ZanuLiarbore's philosophical and moral wilderness, and a UK government that is "festering on its own incompetence, sleaze and greed."
Now, as if this sounds like Helengrad, there's more:
"It has become a multifarious hydra which undermines marriage whilst dishing out tax credits to support families; it demeans the faithful majority while deifying the equality of all minorities; and it has trivialised the purpose of Parliament to the point of political prostration."
Oh yes! That's Helengrad all right.
Cranmer notes UK Liarbour's former Methodist Christian heritage, which gave it authenticity, conviction, principals and morals; values now lost.
"But in the naked pursuit of power, Labour has abandoned all that was true, noble and good and supplanted it with duplicity, avarice and the stench of sleaze.
Its principles have been shredded, and its sense of Christian morality pulped and recycled as an idol to every god in the firmament but the One who is known.
It has become the party of war, the party of torture, the party of exploitation and the party of deceit. It rewards the thieves and fraudsters with ‘rights’ while penalising the law-abiding and responsible
Well, take out the Iraqi reference to torture, how familiar does this feel to us Kiwis?
And there's more:
Labour has ceased to be civilised, for it has no clear vision of the meaning of this civility. It is no longer good, for it has lost sight of the common good.
This recession may be global, but it is Labour’s fault that the United Kingdom is the worst place nation in the western world to cope with its effects.
Labour has become the embodiment of that for which it always despised the Conservatives: it is now the undoubted party of unemployment, recession, inflation and increased poverty. Labour is seduced by celebrity and beguiled by vanity.
Think how Cullenomics brought us a home made recession, so we suffered before other countries. Think of Uncle Helen's cultivation of the cultural sector.
This is an undoubted moral issue, for firms are condemned to closure, people are reduced to hardship and depression, more workers to unemployment and more families to homelessness through unprecedented levels of repossession. The total number of suicides, heart attacks, divorces and mental breakdowns is never known.
Labour has become the party of widening inequality and social disintegration.
Cranmer exhorts all who are moral, all who are compassionate, all who are discerning and visionary, all who care about the Christian foundations of this nation – it’s civil liberties, religious tolerance, respect for life and the rule of law – to abandon Labour, for its heart is corrupt, its flesh is rotten.
Labour has ceased to understand the moral values of the Labour movement: Labour has ceased to be Christian.
Of course, there will be those that don't associate Christianity with morality.
But either way, didn't the Helengrad regime lose its moral compass?
Think of all those government scandals, how it was never in the public interest to prosecute Liarbour MPs, how Helen Clark was so bitter towards her opponents like Don Brash and John Key, think how she used trust as her election theme, but she was shown to be most untrustworthy, dishonest and her campaign, the most muckraking.
Think of Liarbour's dirty deeds, the Electoral Finance Act, its nannying, banning and political correctness, its underming of traditional family values.
And look how some politicial commentators note that this year Liarbour has shown no contrition over its electoral defeat.
So read the feature in full and consider what else could apply to NZ Liarbour.
Certainly I am sure Liarbour lost its way under Uncle Helen; it is in a moral wilderness, and it will take them far longer than 40 days and nights to find that out and work it out!
Indeed, let us all banish NZ Liarbour into the wilderness for many, many years longer!
For Uncle Helen also leaves a legacy of a party whose "heart is corrupt, its flesh is rotten."
Hat tip: Archbishop Cranmer.


Psycho Milt said...

Right-wing bloggers in "don't like Labour" shock!

Earth to Fairfacts Media: there was an election last year and the Labour-led govt was replaced with a National-led one.

Clunking Fist said...

I don't think the comparison is fair: "our" Liarbore MAY have got there in another 2 or 3 terms. At least our Liarbore implemented its announced policies & initiatives (excepting a few un-funded promises in the lead up to the last election).
Helen may have only talked the talk on AGW (hawk spit), but the snot goblin spouts shite on a daily basis.

ZaNuLairbore are on a different planet than our Liarbore.
Unfortunately for the poms, the Tories seem to be on a different planet from our Nats as well...

What is REALLY helping f*ck over that country is the EU: the UK gummints have handed their powers to that body. The UK politicians pretend to govern whilst continuing to feed at the taxpayer funded trough.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Helen! Helengrad!!Liarbour!! ZanuLiarbore!!! Did I say Liarbour? No? Liarbour! Liarbour! Get it? It's hilarious.

Honestly, it's like reading Oscar Wilde.

Anonymous said...

A correspondent called Voyager's withering post underneath Cranmer's article shows the similarities to our own political class...

"That is why Labour went wrong. It lost the notions of individual responsibility inherent in the skilled working class and substituted a bourgeois condescension towards anyone not of the caste.

The University graduate comes out pre-programmed with theoretical constructs and unfettered by the constraints of real life to emerge into common rooms of political parties and think tanks - never meeting a payroll, never managing a group of people whose backgrounds are dissimilar; with the most advanced piece of technology being a computer or mobile phone.

Never turning a screw, drilling a hole, welding a plate - no notion of physical work, more journalist than worker....the curse of socialist parties everywhere"


KG said...

'Voyager' seems to get it, George.:-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Under David Lange and Mike Moore even, the NZ Labour Party was a very moral beast, and an honest one. With Helen, it was often a 'them and us' mentality, and didn't they just loathe familes, the middle class and plain old ordinary, hard working, upstanding, law abiding people, and love and baby the crims? Britain under Labour is a hellish mess, I am thankful not to live there, but it's such a waste of that once-great nation.

Anonymous said...

The Socialists like The Communist Greens are anti Christian they hate Christians with a vengence

If Uncle Helen and Mikey could have they would have all Christians burnt at the stake.


WAKE UP said...

1) Nice to see a minister of (any)religion get something right for a change (even if, as usual, it's far too late)

2) Call them whatever punning pithy name you like (Liarbour, Helengrad etc), the bottom line is: Clark's Labour lived out/lived with a basic lie for at least a decade, and it will take at least that long or longer for it to even begin to return from that dereliction; indeed, it will have no hope at all until all of Goff's hypocritical, opportunist, self-centred political generation (who bought into the lie/s) have gone. Serves the bastards right.

3) I disagree with Anonymous's claim to morality and honesty for the Moore and Lange regimes: both men were flawed, and so were their governments

4) MILT: "Right wing bloggers in 'Don't like labour' shock!"...

Actually Milt, I just don't like devious, conniving, secret-agenda- driven, lying, holier-than-thou, control freak assholes, of any stripe, political or otherwise. Thus my glee at the present frisson over the BNP - serves BOTH British major parties right. (Generous soul, I am :)

WAKE UP said...
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Anonymous said...

Wake Up, Lange and Moore seem very squeakly clean and above-board, though yes, they had their flaws.


Psycho Milt said...

Actually Milt, I just don't like devious, conniving, secret-agenda- driven, lying, holier-than-thou, control freak assholes, of any stripe, political or otherwise.

In other words, you don't like politicians. Who does? The fact that y'all (you're not alone on this post after all) hate these particular ones more than others has more to do with you than with them.


PM, me old sausage.
I do realise Liarbour NZ were booted out in November.
But they share many characteristics with their British bretheren.
That is why I was keen to raise these paralells.
I know it seems I am kicking a man while its down with NZ Liarbore.
But it was too good an opportunity to refuse.
We still need to remeber how awful, corrupt, dishonest, etc, that NZ Liarbore was.
Just in case we do forget.

WAKE UP said...

No MILT, do not put words in my mouth. Naughtty Milt.

You can't know whether I hate this lot "more than the other lot" or not. As it happens, I have an extreme distaste for several of the National governments and politicians I've endured in my lifetime (told you I was a generous soul). You can only debate what I say about the Clark government, if that's the one I'm tackling (and see offer further down).

With ClarkLabour, I hated just about everything they DID, and the attitude that went with it. There, that's it,in one unequivocal sentence. Now, you can debate whether I should have or not, and whether they deserve to be sodespised, but it has be ON THE GROUNDS OF WHAT THEY DID - so you'd better have your ammo ready, because my starting point is that they were the biggest arseholes of a government that I've experienced in a long lifetime.

And don't ever think you will win an argument with me by telling me what you want to think I'm saying and then arguing against that. That's called the "straw man" argument; naughty Milt.

I think it's pretty clear what I'm saying about the Clark government, but as you seem determined to misunderstand me, one more once: in any country in the world that wasn't peopled by sheeple as ours is, it's my view that they would have been stood up against a wall and shot long ago. Clear enough for you?

Now,would you like to hear me on the Bolger, Shipley, Rowling, Lange and Moore governments? Or are you going to get out your tarot cards and just tell me what I'm going to say?

Psycho Milt said...

You're free to hate whomever you like Wake Up, and whether you hate them for who they are or what they did is irrelevant to me. I'd just like to see some self-awareness from people on this thread that the outrage they feel about the last govt reflects their own political preferences more than anything else. Likewise, I'm sure that most of the stuff I'm going to hate and regard as contemptible about the current govt will be regarded as wise and excellent governance by some of my fellow bloggers.

Lucy said...
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WAKE UP said...

Milt, you're tapdancing (again) - I'm an equal opportunity gadfly, and I note that you didn't take up my offer to tell you what I hated about some previous governments, both National and Labour... I'll make you another offer: you tell me why I SHOULDN'T hate the pack of bastards that the people of NZ just threw out big time (and who indicate in the post-elections polls that they still want to see them gone for a loong time).

Tell me ONE good thing they did. Argue your/THE actual case - because that's what I'm doing (while you're running around trying to say that my political orientation is the issue - well, here's a clue: my all-time most hated politician was Frank Gill, and he was National. I wasn't that thrilled with Sid Holland's lot either).

Get a grip Milt - the debate is about what those Labour arseholes DID, not what you fondly want to think I/we think.

My view is that they betrayed the country, utterly. You tell me why I shouldn't say/think that.

WAKE UP said...

While I'm here: I see that Tim Barnett is off to Africa to help cure the AIDS crisis.

Some people just can't help themselves eh.