Friday, February 27, 2009

Keep calm and carry on!

The economic and political descent of Gordinistan gathers apace.
Something is rotten in the state of Britain.
In recent weeks, Barnsley Bill and I have noted the plummeting economy.
There are growing restrictions to free speech too.
Now, we have worrying tales of civil unrest and (read later) a possible cancellation of its impending General Election.
Am I sniffing dubious plant life up North?
Not so much me, but the MSM in Britain, the respectable MSM, like the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph and their readers, the backbone of 'Middle England.'
Shattering their genteel life are the rigours and increasing hardships of life in Gordonistan; the impacts of an extreme recession; and a corrupt and controlling Liarbour government, a government with sinister agendas, including a mass invasion of immigrants upsettling the balance of UK society.
This led to last week's council by-election victory by the left wing BNP, creating a crisis in the country's politics.
Melanie Philips raised a few hackles, but as I noted the other day, it was more noteworthy to see an undercurrent of anger from her readers commenting underneath- anger at the ZanuLiarbore government, revealing much support for the BNP.
There is talk of summer riots, that the opposition Tories may not have the answer either, that the public mood is turning ugly and then what? Again, look at the comments below and look at the praise heaped at the BNP!
Now, in recent days the UK government has been preparing and warning of summer riots, for which it is prepared, be it riot police or a flash new helicopter.
Now, Old Holborn believes the UK government may even want these riots, so it can use emergency legislation, cancel the general election and remain in power.
It all seems very far fetched, but his case sounds convincing with his arguments adding up.
So, pass me the tin foil hat someone! And as they said in WW2, 'Keep Calm and Carry On.'


Psycho Milt said...

...a possible cancellation of its impending General Election.

This is presumably a match for the possible cancellation of the NZ general election you were contemplating last year?

Lou Taylor said...

One way or another something will snap in England. The English have too much backbone to stand by and watch. Their day of reckoning is approaching.


Well yes, PM, you are right in raising last year.
But Whale Oil and his mates raised some interesting scenarios from our narcisstic leader.
It could all be Old Holborn having a fantasty but I think his post demands further thought.
Such thoughts have obviously extended past the fantasies of the blogosphere as highlighted by the
Simon Heffer article.
And with both the Melanie Philips article as well as this, I was struck by the outpourings of support for the BNP.
The uK economic scene is far worse than here, the recession is far worse than that of the 80s and it is a more broad-based recession than that as well.
There's growing angst against the EU develeloping the laws , political correctness and a mass invasion of muslims and east Europeans.
That life is getting tougher for a vast number of 'working class 'people who find they are either stuck on shitty wages and can't afford their home like their parents could or they go on the dole.
The middle classes are struggling too.
There's resentment from many for it being too easy to go on the dole and live on benefits.
I look at my family as being representative of much of middle England.
My parents generation grew up in terrace houses like what you see in Coronation Street. Both my grandparents were coal miners and one gran took in washing.
In the 50s my parents generation went into the workplace got married and bought houses, in the 60s they started raising kids.
They were probably all Labour voters.
Come the 70s, Labours failings were obvious and some will have drifted to the Tories, especially after the 1979 and the Winter of Discontent. By then I expect most of my aunts and Uncles, including my parents, will have been Tories.
Thatcher will have had their support in the 80s though there will have been concerns about her harshness in the late 80s, and relief by some at Major taking over in 1990.
In the 90s and the noughties some will have flirted with Tony Blair and New Labour. Like my dad they might have had initial praise for Gordon Brown.
But today they see a wrecked economy, many problems such as health, education, infrastructure, crime, tax, too many bludgers, too many immigrants, the EU, etc.
But much as they despise Gordon Brown, they see Dave Cameron as being too weak and offering little better, little alternative.
Dave Cameron might have charmed himself to the Notting Hill media set, the BBC, and 'decontaminated' the Tory brand, but there is a huge swathe of people feeling unrepresented.
A strong leader, a Thatcher, would appeal, but there is none.
At Christmas I head some depressing views, the type fopund on Old Holborn, not necessarily in favour of the BNP, but certainly anti-the two main parties, and a feeling Britain was 'fucked' or 'gone to the dogs'.
As the generation below me are struggling with loans and tuition fees to fund a university education, which no longer guarantees any job, never mind a decent one, you can see on top of other problems, there will be naturally discontent.
So who will people turn to if the main parties are failing.
And no, I don't mean the Liberal Democrats.