Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's the Sale of the Century!!!

The Sunday Star-Times today looks at the bargains to be had in the property world.

Indeed, this is my experience of the property market up here in the Bay of Islands.

Barnsley Bill tells me the 'bottom has fallen out of the market.'

Years of Jafas coming up here and building their dream homes, and now they must sell.

If only I can get a full-time job rather than work for myself. As long as Barclays Bank doesn't collapse, I should be fine in the recession.

After years of bleating about high house prices blocking people out of the housing market, prices returning back to near-normal multiples will not only be good for them, but in time for us all.

If you haven't read it yet, scroll down to yesterday's piece on the recession we need to have.


Lou Taylor said...

If only I can get a full-time job

Fairfacts here is some advice
start with
When I get a full time job...


Indeed Lou.
I have a couple to apply for right away.

homepaddock said...

"If only I can get a full-time job rather than work for myself."

Working for yourself can easily be a fulltime job - it's making it pay that's hard.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You could even try 'When I get a full time job TOMORROW.'These in Northland from trademe:-

Holiday Park Operator(s)

Traffic Controllers


There was a nice comms vacancy advertised in Granny yesterday.

And yes HP, you are right.
Last year and the year before were pretty good freelancewise.
But it tailed off after October and my main client is in a poor way at the moment.

Whaleoil said...

Only a fucking whiny assed commie whines incessantly about "affordable housing"

Affordable housing depends on where you are looking at it from.

I am all cashed up waiting for the bloodbath that can't be too far away...Their houses were affordable last year and now they are more affordable...for me.

Also very working class whining about a "job". Personally I leave my jobs in the Pontius pilate.

I for one can't work out why anyone would want to be a wage slave and I for the life of me can't work out why anyone would whingew about being a wage slave of a right wing blog.

Just asking for a slapping if you ask me.

captch was appropriate

Anonymous said...

Only a fucking whiny assed commie whines incessantly about "affordable housing"

fuck yeah whale! Back on form!

"working class", bludgers, sickies etc don't deserve to own a house

Especially in NZ, the idea that everyone deserves to own a house is crap. As is the idea that everyone deserves insulation, central heating, or even fucking indoor plumbing.

Whale is so right. Scum on wages or salaries don't deserve houses. And certainly don't deserve to be allowed to whinge!

Fix the franchise: assests of 1M excluding the family home. That would basically solve most of NZ's problems in a single year


Look, I'm keen on the market making housing 'affordable'.
I don't expect government to.
As I have often blogged here, it is government intervention responsible for high housing costs.

Whaleoil said...

FF you are missing the point.

Housing isn't unaffordable to ME. It is too you because you seem to want to pay cash and still have your cash to live from.

Clearly you haven't heard of leverage or compounding interest two of the most magical inventions known to man.

With the deposit I know you used to have you should have been easily able to turn that into at least 5 time more. Instead you whined about "affordable housing" and frittered it away.

If you think that my comment sounds dripping with contempt, it is because it is.

HTFU, quite the pity party, no one is coming and frankly we don't really care.

Whining like a socialist and carping on about jobs is just noise, I see the words and hear the sound but my mind translates it to lalalalalalalalalalalala

Anonymous said...

Good grief!!!! the anonymouses and Whale Oils are certainly giving the right a bad name.
With the masses of land we have available and plenty of raw materials, housing should be cheap in New Zealand.
All wage and salary earners who try hard should achieve the kiwi dream.
Home ownership should not be the preserve of a wealthy few.
Let the freemarket hold sway, with few government restrictions, then housing would be affordable for many.
Look at those Demographia surveys that I recall Don Brash was promoting last year.
Now we like Don Brash don't we?

As for the job situation, I see that in this recession , it will be the middle classes, the educated that will suffer the most from lack of work.
And this is I guess where Fearfacts sits and as we all know, the media is slashing jobs all over the place.

Fearfacts might need to look elsewhere, but heartlessness from the Whale oils and the Anonymouses of this world will only push people towards the Liarbore party.
Do we want that?

There have been times I have thought John Key was too wet, but his reasonable moderation helped New Zealand ditch the gorgon that was Helen Elizabeth Clark.