Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's prayer time!!!

Yes everybody, it is time to pray.
I'm not religious, but why not!
Let us pray for the nurse in trouble for offering to payer for a patient.
Let us pray she gets her job back.
Let us pray for a nation where the iron fist of political correctness is thwarting freedom and free speech.
Let us pray for Carol Thatcher, daughter of the great Baroness, who has been sacked by the BBC for saying a tennis player looked like a Robertson's jam jar 'golliwogg' in a private conversation.
Let us pray that people cannot be fired for what we say in private, however UN PC it might be, and New Zealand is spared an age of the snitch.
And everyone, feel free to pray for me, for my sins or whatever I have done.
Being an open-minded liberal chap, even lefties and muslims can pray for me!
I won't be offended and neither will I demand your sacking.

1 comment:

Mr Dennis said...

That is ridiculous. Whatever happened to freedom of religion?

Anyway, offering to pray for someone actually promotes "equality and diversity" - if no-one could do so there would be no diversity, only bland PC atheism.

She'd be in no trouble if she were Moslem...