Saturday, February 21, 2009

An Inconvenient Truth about Margaret Thatcher

Well it's such a blow, I almost want to cry!
Iain Dale has revealed a provocative post that slates Margaret Thatcher as one of the original global warmongers.
Indeed, he and a co-blogger even point to legislation she enacted that all fitted with global warming theory.
The claim is that as an experienced scientist, Mrs Thatcher also understood the problem far better than other politicians.
Now, I have heard other reasons too.
Mrs Thatcher saw the theory as a way to promote nuclear power and thus weaken the miners union, which had always proved troublesome to Tory governments.
Indeed, such a view was noted in the sceptic movie, the Great Global Warming Swindle. Another report notes Maggie being in front of Al Gore. And here's another saying as much.
Now, whether Mrs Thatcher remains of such views, we do not know, as due to age and ill-health, she does not say much nowadays. Perhaps we should ask daughter Carol.
I can only wonder whether Maggie would today support the devastation, the extra state control and tax being imposed in the name of this new religion.
The socialist warming-mongers are engaged in their best attack on capitalism since the days of the Cold War, with widespread attacks on civil liberties, even down to telling people to recycle rubbish.
Indeed, it would be most ironic if such an affront to capitalism and civil liberty was all down to Maggie. I guess her most vocal critics would recognise a legacy here, even if the science looks increasingly shaky. Surely this is a science they would doubt if it was Maggie's creation?
Furthermore, I also wonder whether the evidence of a recent cooling might affect Mrs Thatcher's views as well.
One thing we might add, and something I agree with Iain Dale on, is that Maggie's apparant views on global warming contradict those of the left who felt Britiain's best prime minister was all bad!
For once, regrettably and sadly, she seems on their side.


OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

It still doesn't diminish the fact that Margaret Thatcher was the greatest Prime Minister ever ever.


Indeed OECD22
I still worship and miss her
But discovering her views on AGW was a bolt from the blue, though I recall similar comments at the time of the Global Wareming Swindle movie.
I do wonder if Maggie's opinions might have changed over the years.
A pro-AGW stance does contradict her other beliefs.