Saturday, February 28, 2009

If only Mickey had thought of a cycleway

Would have saved us $700m (update to 2 billion)

And while I'm on the subject of the gummit summit, what the heck is a workstream.
Apparently Joan is on the job and "Masterminding a new way to save jobs".
The problem is that this is tackling the problem from the left (wrong) end.
You get the feeling the jobs that Joan would save are ones that shouldn't have been created in the first place.

Here is a better headline
"Masterminding a new way to create real jobs"

And here is my mastermind ideastream.

Let our small businesses be a cashstream rather than a taxstream for thousands of gummit servicestreams and welfarestreams. Send them downstream, preferably without a paddle.


Lindsay said...

Beautifully expressed. And may the cashstream be more than a trickle in danger of drying up.

Sally said...

BAZ blogging at came up with a brilliant name for the cycle trail.


The Silent Majority said...

Lou you made me laugh! "Workstream" sounds very much like "corporate speak' to me and I am glad to be out of THAT. I much prefer your "stream of consciousness"!

Buggerlugs said...

Joan Withers is very much like her newspaper chain - someone keeping a chair warm...

Heine said...

Through Picton? Bad idea!

So for all the fuss and hype, the pollys best decision was to create a bike lane? Shows exactly why we shouldn't trust them.

LaFemme said...

I love the idea of a cycleway, because it speaks of the future, of a positive hope that these trials and tribulations that we are now facing will not last forever.
Maybe I'm a sap.

Lou Taylor said...

Just remember that the government approx spend $50m every 8 hours (on a 24hr basis) so a bike way is a drop in the ocean. Maybe the government should be looking at the other 8752 hours of spending

Pique Oil said...

I prefer the thought of Bureaucrats being forced to paddle upstream, using paddles that comply with every single piece of crap legislation that the rest of us are forced to live with.
Can you picture a carbon neutral, enviro friendly, ergonomically safe, culturally safe, ISO approved, disability friendly, committee approved paddle?
Nah, nor could I, so I guess they will have to get off the shiny bums and paddle with their hands.
Can we sell tickets?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a sap.

yeah. I think it speaks of a future where we'll have to get around with 30-year-old chinese bicycles and horses and carts because we won't be able to afford cars and planes

Welcome to NZ after Labour!

Heine said...

Oh did anybody see that Matt McCarten called ACT the storm troopers of Roger Douglas in todays Herald??

Canterbury Atheists said...

I’m taking-it none of you have been to Central Otago lately, nor heard of ‘The Rail Trail’?

If you had & were aware of the numbers, positive impact it has had you wouldn’t be criticising this idea, based simply on ideology.

Putting his neck on the line here: I'm predicting it'll be a winner in the long-term, and we'll look back on it in the positive light we do, the same as we do nowadays with planting of trees that occurred in The Great Depression.

Ring a business in Wedderburn, Naseby or Omakau etc and ask them if tourist cycleways are a good idea, and see what reaction you get.

Gotta shoot.


Anonymous said...

Still dont get it, do you:

Ring a business in Wedderburn, Naseby or Omakau etc and ask them if tourist cycleways are a good idea, and see what reaction you get.

Ring a business in Wedderburn, Naseby or Omakau and ask them if a competing cycleway in the north island, paid for by their taxes is a good idea

and they'll tell you where to go!

Clunking Fist said...

Gotta shoot Paul is probably right. But is that it, after so much hot air.

We're. He's fucked, she's fucked, the whole fucking country is fucked.

Here are some ideas:

1. Eliminate company tax
2. Dividends remain taxed.
3. Flat rate of tax 30%, reducing to 25%.
4. Get rid of the Min of Womans affairs, families Commission, etc.
5. Gift shares in ALL SOE's to taxpayers.
6. Repeal RMA.
7. Sell off state housing
8. Rollback local body "reform".
9. DPB, dole, sickness benefit, etc, replaced by Citizen's salary of $110 per week, non-taxed: everyone over 18 with an IRD number and a bank account gets it. Fairly simple, low admin. No inadvertent high marginal rate of tax as the benefit is abated. Then watch, as more beneficiaries are motivated to work, as they are no longer penalised.

Canterbury Atheists said...

The precedent for a tourist cycle-way is there for us to look at – if one wants to open ones eyes and not get buried in ideology all the time.

This concept is working for the communities of Central Otago = their number one tourist draw card.

The tax payers of Central Otago already pays for Auckland roads as well as their own every time they fill-up, more than their fair share and are amongst the lowest users of welfare.

Ask someone in Auckland if they want to pay for anything outside their city and you would solicit the same reaction.

Nonsensical argument, everyone wants things for themselves and their own community ahead of everyone else.

I hate 10 metre yacht racing – the government threw millions at that billionaires & siliconly enhanced blonde-bimbos, past-time.

It will be the small communities along the cycle trail that will benefit, not the chardonnay drinking, latte lapping, beer in green bottles ‘Queencityites’, for a change.

By the way Clunking Fist, as a small business owner I agree with most of your policies – but I also see the Cycle Way as a good idea, based on the way I’ve seen it transform once dead communities in Central Otago.

Gotta shoot.


PS: May be we could incorporate the best of The Americas Cup (the said siliconly enhanced bimbos) and the Cycle Way, and make the trail ‘clothing optional’, with heavy discounts for eastern Europeans and Scandinavians?


Clunking Fist said...

Hi Canterbury Atheist
"The tax payers of Central Otago already pays for Auckland roads as well as their own" Hmmm, any evidence of that? I suspect you Otago types are actually paying for Wellington's trains, not Auckland's roads.

"I hate 10 metre yacht racing – the government threw millions at that"
I like the yachting, but am angry that taxpayers help pay for it. I am also angry that taxpayers pay for the nz olympic team. If someone thinks that sending the team is a good idea, then let them donate money out of their share of the tax cuts. And also let them pay for a share in the new cycle toll route. And same with fibre optic: you want it, you pay for it, get yer dirty hand out of my wallet.

ps apologies for getting your handle wrong!

Canterbury Atheists said...

I largely agree with your sentiments, know where you are coming from, but (yep, there’s always a but) this idea of The Cycle Way is a concept that will benefit the small communities and small business’s along its route – that in itself is a refreshing change, and thinking outside the square.

The Cycle Way is also not totally funded by the Government or taxpayer.

Like in Central Otago, it will be a joint effort, with the communities. Much of the work in Otago was done with volunteers, who saw the benefit of the trail running through their backyards.

For example, the Hyde pub has reopened with a new restaurant, backpackers and camp.

Ranfurly now has a bike shop, with a new backpackers.

Both of these new business’s owe their existence to The Rail Trail.

So this is an investment in tourism – that will last past our lifetimes.

Unlike the majority of the crap that went on at this socialist talk-feast this is one idea I believe ‘has legs’.

I mean what’s the point in inviting Unions to a job creation summit? It’s like inviting Rothmans to a Cancer Conference.

See ya CF, got to do some work (tax's to pay, you know the story)