Friday, February 27, 2009

How the US media elected Obama and gave us a president incapable of handling the global economic crisis

Remember the US elections, and the media being so 'in the can' for Barack Obama, with their knives out for Sarah Palin.
It must rank as the most disgusting spectacle that this journalist have ever seen; and I have experienced the BBC, as well as eleven or so years of journalism in New Zealand.
Now, US filmmaker John Ziegler has begun ruffling a few feathers, with his movie that opens in the US tonight.
Media Malpractice: How Obama got Elected and Palin was Targeted, highlights what might be seen as the 'death of journalism' after reporters proved unable to handle the campaign fairly.
Of course, there has been much to say about how the New Zealand media handled our own election. I recall TV3 was notably bad, and the Sunday Star-Times, along with National Radio remained firmly in Uncle Helen's camp.
However, it wasn't as biased as it had been in election 2005, and some on the left claimed Granny was in the can for National.
However, I was horrified by the far worse scene in the US, with much abuse heaped on Palin and overwhelming adulation given to the ObamaMessiah.
Now, what is the result of this?
We have a US President inexperienced and incapable of dealing with the economic crisis upon us. We have a US president making huge blunders with his appointments. We now have a public finally waking up to the pup sold to them by the media, as noted by Obama's falling ratings.
As as seems likely, the US voters will pay for the media's folly, but so will the world.
America in its time of greatest need, now has a leader who is clearly not up to the job of tackling such a crisis.
Obama's failures, becoming clearer all the time, will mean the loss of millions of jobs, a recovery delayed, and who knows what untold damage in the sphere of foreign affairs.
Wiser, more experienced heads, like John McCain's were available.
The US could have taken a diffferent route, a balanced route, reflecting more bi-partisanship since both houses are controlled by the Democrats.
But as we see a country failing miserably under Obama, and its Democrats hegemony, thanks to the Liberal media. Once the US voters realise how much this has cost them personally and their country, what revenge will they seek on the MSM?
I leave you with that other clip, taken on election day of Obama voters.

And here's Sarah Palin, interviewed by John Ziegler.

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of sore losers. Especially Palin. What a pathetic whiner. All the dopey stuff came directly out of her mouth and was reported verbatim. How is that unfair?

And heaping abuse? You spend all day on the Internet calling people you disagree with silly names. Look in the mirror.

LaFemme said...

Us? What's with this "us" business?
Did you vote in the US elections?
Obamalamadingdong did NOT run for president of the world, and as of this post, he has not shown himself to be much of a world leader.
I think Frank in Fiji shows more gumption that the Barackatron.


US stands for United States, which is why it was in capitals.
As POTUS he is a very powerful chap and what he says will impact on us too, even in little old New Zealand.
That is why it is essential the Americans make the right choice.
But thanks to the media, the US public did not.
And we will all suffer.

LaFemme said...


Anonymous said...

And - Barack is the president of the world

fact. whether you like it or not.

the fact e.g. that Iran just had a successful nuclear test is therefore his fault

the fact that Hamas continues to attack Israel is therefore his fault too

he could finish it now, but he chooses not to.