Tuesday, February 24, 2009

History lesson

History has a way of repeating.
Jeanette has done a wonderful job of getting Marxism into our country.

Her well meaning pumpkin patch naivety was exactly what was needed.

The problem is that now the hatch has been opened, unlike the poor citizens of Troy, we are ready. (94% of us to be exact)


Anonymous said...

MMMM. I thought Helen of Mt Albert, the face that scuttled a thousand battleships, was the one that brought in socialism to Neww Zealand.


Clunking Fist said...

What a shame we can't rate comments: a "five" to that man-or-woman, nvp.

Anonymous said...

Helen of Mt Albert did indeed bring the scourge of Socialisim to NZ

Jeanette of the Coromandel has bought the tryanny of Communisim to NZ

Comrades Russel Sue Keith et al are exposed as the Reds trying to get into our beds



I think nvp's quip is an old opne of mine from way back, but I'm glad someone else remembered it.

Now,gd the thought of Sue Bradford , or Uncle Helen, trying to get into bed with you would probably make most red-blooded men feel postively queer!

Psycho Milt said...

Helen Clark? Were you guys all born in 1990 or something?


Indeed PM, the biggest socialist in New Zealand was Muldoon.

Anonymous said...

the biggest socialist in New Zealand was Muldoon

1. Helen Elizabeth Clark (largest ever welfare as % of economy)
2. John Phillip Key (maintaing all Clark's policies; largest ever welfare spend in NZ's history)
3. Michael Joseph Savage (created benefits)
4. Norman Kirk (created welfare)
5. Jack Marshall (created ACC)
6. Muldoon (think big)

really, Muldoon is way down the list.

Lou Taylor said...

That is a fair list annon but the reality is Key has to stop a socialist juggernaut heading down hill with no breaks. Watch Key drop down the list with time.

PhilBest said...

Oh, come ON, the Trojan horse has long since disgorged its contents into every institution in NZ. We are not going to realise that until it is far too late.

Look at the attitudes of Kiwis to people who actually provide jobs to NZ-ers, for a start. NZ is a classic worst case example of virtually everything Ayn Rand ever wrote on this subject.

Lou Taylor said...

Phil, Keeping the greens irrelevent and dealing to them in 2011 will be one small step in the right direction.Our political processes don't allow things to happen faster.