Thursday, February 26, 2009

Halo starts fading

Barely a month into his presidency and the Messiah can no longer walk on water.
His approval ratings have tumbled 10% in just a month and now his ratings are just average for new presidents.

Well, it is hardly surprising.
There are the gaffes that nasty bloggers like me keep finding and related troubles and failing policies.
But some are being noted by the MSM too, and obviously even ordinary Americans.
I fear it will only get worse for the leftist lightweight as people see an inconsistency between his initiatives.
Now, we have a fiscal responsibility summitt, with him talking of halving the deficit within four years.
Even the thickest Democrat might see this does not add up.
Unless, of course, the ObamaMessiah can truly perform miracles!
Hat tip: Tim Blair & Andrew Bolt.


Clunking Fist said...

Stimulus package WITH (semi)balanced budget.
Hilarious! Reminds me of another emminent world leader...

Anonymous said...

IMHO in 6 months Barry will be the Emperor with No Clotes and the sane liberals if there si such acreature will be starting to mutter that JMc might have been a better bet.

Barry is a fair weather Pres the one you have when the economy is flying high and all is well with the world.

JMc is the Pres you need when the shit has hit the fan either 3economically like now or in time of world war

Those dumb arse Yanks are gonna learn the hard way You dont send a bot to do a mans work


Ackers said...

For a somewhat more intelligent summation.

Seriously if you are going to take your cues from Bolt and Blair you really are on a 1 way ticket to ignorance.

A new blog specially set up to document and expose their collective idiocy.