Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great News

At long last the pricks from Progressive have got their comeuppance from the High Court.

Adolf looks forward to becoming a regular customer of Pak n Save in Wairau Rd. I hope they have a decent range of fish, shellfish and prawns, along with regular discounts on my favourite brands of shiraz and chards.



What was wrong with Albany?
That is a lovely Pak'N@Save.
Not too far away.
|Surrounded by other lovely shops.
And it sells petrol too!

So where in Wairau Park will it go.
It seems pretty built up around there/

alex Masterley said...

It will go in the building that Foodstuffs have built. Where else! I'm pleased to see the Ozzies copped a flogging.

Barnsley Bill said...

This has been an utter disgrace. 20 years being held up by the competition with bullshit law.

Bullitt said...

Pak n Save dont have a decent selection of anything anywhere else why would you expect it to be so at the new one.

Sure theyre the cheapest but its for good reason, they only have half the number of lines so can buy in much higher quantities.


I've always though Albany had a fine range of stuff.

Clunking Fist said...

PnS tends to stock 5 of of the 8 flavours in a product line. If you have a favourite bluebird flavour, there's a chance you'll never find it at PnS.
They have found a good niche that works well for them and their customers, but I ain't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Jeeeez listening to the lawyers trying to make the reforms to the RMA seem imposible complicated reminds me of why lawyers are the problem and not the solution. Several have been banging on about how difficult it will be to sort out vexatious objections.

FFS Thats what the Courts are for. An in this case blind freddy could see the PPs progressive pricks were just objecting to a competitor. Same an nimbys. This proves that the lawyers lack common sense and the ability to see thru and understand humanb nature.

If it looks like a dog smaells like a dof barks like the dog they willargue it might be an elephant

dumbarses just trying clip the ticket and self work


Clunking Fist said...

Hey gd, you posting comments from your mobile? Cool!