Monday, February 23, 2009

Government calls delay on S92-- NBR Newsflash!!

NBR staff Monday February 23 2009 - 04:17pm
The government is to delay implementation of the controversial Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment (New Technologies Act) due to come into force February 28.
Prime Minister John Key announced at a post-cabinet press conference this afternoon that implementation of the controversial clause of the copyright legislation to be delayed until March 27.
“We are hoping that by that time we will have come up with a voluntary code of practice,” Mr Key said.
If no agreement is reached, Section 92A will be suspended.
I guess you might say, what took them so long?
Was it the blackened screens as MPs and Ministers were denied their usual entertainment from Kiwiblog, Whale Oil, Home Paddock, keeping Stock, yours truly, as well as the lefty ones?
But it is heartening to see we have a government that listens and a government that is happy to change legislation to reflect the wishes of the country.
Contrast that with the Electoral Finance Act, where Liarbour and Green MPs fought to the death to defend that attack on free speech.
Now, we saw Liarbour's IT spokesperson Claire Curran propose alternatives and move with the times and public opinion.
One other thing that springs to mind is that on yet another issue, the online community has impacted on government legislation. First, the EFA and now this. What next?
The power of the internet is growing, and the bloggers are rightfully taking their place alongside the big papers and television when it comes to shaping public opinion and government policy.
But once again, well done to the prime minister and the National-led government.
And how great to be spared the dogma of the Helengrad years and the incompetence of Judith Tizard, who re-inserted section 92A back into the legislation MPs had earlier rejected!
John Key delays copyright law, says Computerworld.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear the PM listen to the people but I was perturnbed by some of his comments on TV3 this monring saying there had to be some regulation.