Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fraggle Rock or the greens leadership?

Fitzidiot to announce retirement as co-leader of the Greens, as their rules determine that they must have a wimmin and a half man as co-leaders that leaves them with the choices pictured above.
Bwahahahaha.. Goodbye watermelons, you will not be missed by us.
Marxist Bradford or Nutbar Turei? Or dark horse Delanumpty? Please let it be the singing idiot.

Rod Donald must be ripping his rainbow tanktop right now.
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Heine said...

Yes please! Delahunty HAS to be the co-leader! They'll be obliterated in 2011!


All the alternatives are about as welcoming as a compost heap, but Delahunty gets my vote.
Someone remix her singing exploits.
Come on Whaley!

LaFemme said...

I hope Bradford gets it. It would be great to have her as a "public enemy #1" target for the next 3 years, particularly as a reminder of all the stasi-style laws the greens and labour foisted upon the kindly and long-suffering NZ public. I do not want any "out of sight, out of mind" for this evil chick.

Lou Taylor said...

I can't wait for their first co- statement. Wrustle and some fruit cake. Maybe they should have four coleaders so they could sing as a quartet.

Barnsley Bill said...

Maybe just do away with leaders completely and go with a Komittee.
That should suit Saint Sue, the patron saint of battered children.

Leonidas said...

I really enjoyed that programme when I was a kid , and now it's totally fucked by being associated with the watermelons.
Bring on the cat fight, It'll be better than Cameron V Tua.