Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fancy a bite of Jamie's sausage??!!!

After Coronation Street, TV1 will be showing 'Jamie Saves Our Bacon.'
In it Jamie Oliver will be looking at the tough life porkers face, as well has what goes into a budget banger.
And its not pretty as the Daily Mail reveals here.
Indeed, here'a video link here, showing the 'shite' all being mixed together as he and a mate make some budget bangers.
Now this programme was shown on British TV a few weeks back, and I also saw a similar programme warning you what goes into those budget brands in the supermarket, which have suddenly become fashionable once more as families increasingly need to save the pennies.
The True Cost of Cheap Food was part of the Channel 4 Series the Great British Food Fight.
So as we look to live more simply, thanks to the hardened times we face, as noted by Lou, Barnsley and myself, perhaps we need to shop around and go for local suppliers and spend less in the supermarket, especially as the budget labels contain so much crap.
I do recall in the True Cost of Cheap Food, the greengrocer and the butcher was cheaper than the supermarket and the products far more nutritious than supermarket own label or budget brands.
Something we should all bear in mind when we go out shopping.


showmethetaxcut said...

Just tuned in, having got home late from work and cooked my loin pork chops on the BBQ.



I'm on for the prk belly.
Therer's a place in Orewa called Kaizen and they do a lovely pork belly.