Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog Stats January 2009

January was a real quiet month for us. Number of posts, readers and comments all down. Anyone would think bloggers were entitled to vacations.

Posts: 120
Comments: 793
Page loads: 35,382
Visitors: 25,852

Most commented posts:
Fierce Creatures: 50
(easy to clock up comments if you bad-mouth libertarians!)
A proportionate response: 33
I have been mugged: 33


Anonymous said...

It is easy to bad mouth the libs - they are as whiney and negative as the lefties if not more!

Dave said...

January 2007?

Psycho Milt said...

A typo anyone could make, given that the 7 key is right next to... er, the 8 key. Corrected now.


Perhaps as summer ends, the postings will increase.
I plan to when i return to NZ on Tuesday and have easy access to the net, rather than posting every couple of days from the library or cybercafe.

Anonymous said...

yeah watch it change when they can use work computors and time.