Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wishart Vindicated

This morning's Herald carries a story which implicates David ('I'm running the show) Cunliffe fair and square in the gun along with Carter and Jones with regard to the Chinese imposter donations to Labour scandal. Does anyone remember the chorus of denigration heaped upon Ian Wishart when he broke the story? Yes. Did the Herald acknowledge Wishart's role? No.

It seems the police investigation into this sordid tale is about to conclude.

Investigations by police and immigration into possible identity fraud, money laundering and immigration fraud are nearing completion after a visit in November by three detectives to China. It hasn't been determined whether charges will be laid.

Of course the Herald blithely imagines the charges being considered relate to the Chinese party fund raiser.

The person who should be charged, convicted and jailed is ex minister, Labour's last hope, Shane Jones.


Anonymous said...

The person who should be charged, convicted and jailed is ex minister, Labour's last hope, Shane Jones.

And Carter. And Culliffe. And Goff. And Helen. And
the party should be banned. And their backers, the unions, should be deregistered and banned.

and and and

Inventory2 said...

Hear, hear Adolf - and it's nice to see the the MSM has also managed to link Cunners to this sordid little rort

Chalk up another tick for Ian Wishart

Anonymous said...

More to the point, if we can withraw Liu's citizenship - we can withdraw it from Helen and all the rest of the Labourites and Unionistas!

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved the government has changed, this would not be coming to light had it not. Good to see National putting the wayward police in their place too, who wants police bosses that bend over backwards to cover for corrupt Cabinet Ministers?

Barnsley Bill said...

Nothing will happen. Jones will keep his head down, the chinese guy will quietly leave and silent T will succeed goff. It is our role to keep reminding everybody that the upper echelons of labour are politicians with a price.

dad4justice said...

Well done Wishart. I just wonder when various Liarbour Ministers of the Crown appear in the dock?

New Zealand, the land of the long lie.


I wonder how many other Wishart tales will be re-looked at in the months ahead.

Anonymous said...

Labour will shine through again one day in the future, with new people, new leaders, new ideals, new talent, and new backers. Wait and see, I for one would elect Ruth Dyson as leader, or Kate Sutton or Phil Twyford...the corruption and lies will be a thing of the past, along with Cunners, Jones and Goff. The 'workers' party will make a come-back, rather than the PC mad one.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes the Labour Party of New Zealand The best Politicans that money can buy as Mr Liu found out.

no doubt he has told his fellow countrymen and women that Kiwis pollies are no different to Chinese ones. All it takes is a donation here a donation there a brown paper bag of used notes and all is possible