Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Will the greenies shut up now? It's all for the good of the planet!

If I wasn't such a believer in free speeech, I might now be calling for the closure of Frogblog, the Standard and others who believe in global warming.
I will, of course, make an exception for our own Psycho Milt.
For blogging is bad for the planet! The activity produces carbon dioxide.
If every google search produces as much emissions as making a cup of tea, then considering how often we use google to help us with our posts, it follows that blogging is an evil activity that is harming the planet.
Thus, i might even expect the Green to call for a ban on blog in the interests of Mother gaia.
Of course, there will be excpetion to such fiat from the fiends of the earth.
I expect frogblog and co would be exempt in the aims of environmental awareness.
Indeed, look at how those conferences on climate change seem to involve jetting all those world leaders from all over the globe to converge in somewhere nice like Bali. What mighty carbon footprints they create.
And look at how greenies like Al Gore uses far more energy than George Bush and his texan eco-ranch.
So can we expect the greenies to shut up in the name of the planet? No! Judging by the actions of their cronies, they will continue pumping out their hot air, no matter how damaging they believe it may be! And thus the religion contines despite its own contradictions.


Clunking Fist said...

Psycho is dirty denier, so you should indeed make an exception for him.

adamsmith1922 said...

Your estimable readers may care to look at this as well


I look forward to Frogblog closing down forthwith

Anonymous said...

The Greens? Shut up? Are you mad?

They are like herpes. They never go away.