Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend caption competition

What are they saying?
What are they Thinking?
Hat tip: Monkey with Typewriter for the pic.


DenMT said...

They're saying 'I wish Fairfacts Media would broaden the scope of his blogging from childish calls to caption photos, verbatim regurgitations of news articles he finds, and commentary on home life with his parents'.


Barnsley Bill said...

But yet the whiny bitch DenMT still finds himself unable to resist the urge to comment.
Go and pick on someone your own size dickhead.

Anonymous said...

Phil: "It's been two months - and we're not in jail yet"

Helen: "Told you Key has no balls. The way we fucked the economy, we'll be back in three years!"

Anonymous said...

Phil: Do you think I would look good in that dress Helen?

Helen: Oh I think you would look great Phyllis.


BB, I'm happy for DenMt to continue his bile.
If this blog was so bad, he wouldn't keep returning, would he?