Monday, January 12, 2009

TVNZ Faux News

Adolf happened to walk past the TV set while The Cook was watching One News.

The lead story was the flooding and consequent loss of life in Fiji. It was being fronted by Barbara Dreaver and any casual observer would have believed she was there.

Of course she's not there. She was chucked out by Commodore Frank. A quick phone call to TVNZ confirms that she is in fact in New Zealand.

So, TVNZ uses someone else's footage (???) unattributed, dubs in a voice over by Dreaver and cons the public into thinking that their reporter is there on the spot.

Then to cap it off, they moved to an on the spot reporter giving us live action. Not from the floods. Oh no. He was in an Auckland ethnic radio studio which is about to launch an appeal.

What a bunch of pathetic mendacious fools.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck do you expect from socialist TV

National must realise that the times have changed from November last year.

TVNZ, RNZ, etc must be sold immediately.

thedavincimode said...

No surprises here Adolph. Whether its TVNZ, TVConbell/Hirsheybar, CNN or whatever.

This is entirely consistent with the pea under M. Oil's blanket re Gaza.

Its ironic that the supposed media competition in this country has resulted in more dishonest and brazenly superficial "reporting" (no doubt as a consequence of the ratings war) than all those years of granny state ownnership of the airwaves. But then, granny state in those years didn't operate the same sophisticated ministry of misinformation as that we enjoyed in Klerkingrad.

This is the product of about 15 years of sound bites passed off as investigative journalism, 9 years of Klerkingrad, and a willingness of joe public to swallow it whole. To my recollection, the genisis of this happy state of affairs in NZ lies with the gnome Holmes and the hard hitting "cat stuck up tree" and "rat leaps out of toilet" stories that ran when matters of substantial public interest warranted something more than a competition between the vested interests for a snappy sound bite wedged between the afore-mentioned fodder.

LaFemme said...

I hear that Mark Crysell did the same thing, make out as if he was reporting live from inside Gaza when he was standing on the Israeli side of the fence, just like the rest of the chumps.
According to Aljazerra, they are the only network who have real reporters inside Gaza.