Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time to get the turkey baster boys! And find yourself a woman!

There's a bit of a debate in some of the blogs about the rights and wrongs of gay adoption.

The Daily Mail and The Telegraph cover the case of two 'bairns' in Edinburgh, who the papers say were being cared for by their grandparents until the local council judged them too old and made the grandparents hand them over to a male gay couple.

Apparantly the grandparents are outraged, as is Crusader Rabbit.

I guess this is one of those situations where each case should be judged on its merits.

Not only is the rights or wrongs of gays adopting kids there to consider, but also what rights do the authorities have to take a child away from its blood relatives?

Certainly it appears the parents of the two kids are not upto the job of raising the kids and a gay couple would be a better alternative than the kids being brought up by unsuitable parents like druggies.

But if there are straight couples available to adopt the kids, I do believe that children having a mum AND a dad is better than having either two mums or two dads.

I also believe that blood links matter too and that the grandparents should also have the right to raise the kids in preference to anyone else, no matter how old they may be. Blood is thicker than water.

Which brings me on to the gay couple themselves. I am sure there are many gay men and lesbians that are wonderful parents and others that would also make wonderful parents.

But if you want to have kids, better to have your 'own.'

Guys, find yourself a woman who will do the honours and get out that turkey baster, even if you must whip out the cheque book too. Ladies, I am sure you will know what to do as well.

At least this way, any child will be 'yours' and this should also keep those quiet who do not support gay adoption.


Blair said...

Ummm... how about we just get government out of these decisions entirely? Surely this is a decision for the birth parents and not for any of us? This should be a private transaction.

Heine said...

I agree Blair... I wuld say more but I was distracted by that wonderful photo.

Barnsley Bill said...

My middle aged white reactionary impulse is to instantly get enraged and start wailing about it. But having seen many hetero parents fail miserably (including at times myself)I am now of the opinion that maybe I should reach the conclusion "why not".
Oh, and those tits must be photo shopped........ surely?

Clunking Fist said...

I'd like to suckle on those. And gee I wish I were a les...

Did I type that out loud?

Having a lesbian couple in our antenatal group was intersting (and raised not an eyebrow amongst us, well, not in public anyways).
But it was interesting to see that the "mum" appeared to be bonding well to baby, but the "other mum" did not look at all comfortable near the child. I put that down to the child not being "hers" in the way you mention, FFM.

Heine said...

Naa they aint photoshopped. I have seen similar tits like that recently.

Barnsley Bill said...

you might want to get back to the gym then