Sunday, January 11, 2009

Suspicious minds

I don't know anything about the house fire in Mangere that killed 4 children other than what I've seen in the media, but I thought I'd mention this in case anyone else has been entertaining the same suspicion.

In among the stories about the father's ex-wife trying not to blame him for this accident, and the bloke himself leaving his sick bed to attend the funeral, I can't shake the following thought: in my experience, falling asleep while cooking stuff after midnight is the kind of thing that happens when you're shitfaced drunk, or shitfaced drunk and stoned.

No, I'm not a very nice chap. But surely I'm not alone in being prodded by this suspicion?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No, you are not alone.

Lucy said...

Thats right you are not alone.

KG said...

Same thought here.

Inventory2 said...

PM - I read somewhere that one of the girls who died was fond of cooking up chips or chicken nuggets in the dead of night. You may be doing the father an injustice.

adamsmith1922 said...

As Inv@ it was on one of the so called TV news bullettins

There was one of the dead who would get up in the night and cook. It was I think the 15 year old, who was in addition academically bright

Oswald Bastable said...

I have heard that it was the kids having a cook-up.

That would have got me out of bed for a 'please explain' but I'm a very light sleeper.

or was it this fire:

That you were thinking of. I posted on it here:

WAKE UP said...

I presum we are having this discussion because once again, the MSM may be massaging the facts, or at the very least, not asking the hard questions as usual

..but if those aren't the reason/s, I'm at a loss to understand why you are picking over the bones of this one.

Psycho Milt said...

Wake Up: picking over the bones of this story? It was all over the SST today.

Oswald: I'd forgotten about that one, but yes - same principle. Saw the story on the news, wondered what the fuck the parents were doing, and immediately came to a conclusion - correct in that case, but it looks like incorrect in this one if Inventory2 and adamsmith1922 are right.

Inventory2 said...

Oswald - apparently the midnight feast was a regular occurence in this home, so the father may well not have noticed anything out of the ordinary until the fire broke out.

Anonymous said...

Is this similar to the farmer getting blamed for not fencing his pond after a toddler drowned in it? Who was responsible for the toddler, why allowed to wander around alone, especially near water? This story was in the Dominion Post, but not in that context. Our MSM never asks the hard questions.

Simon said...

Dunno. Travel a bit around South Auckland and there oftern are burnt out houses. You just don’t see this in more affluent areas.

The other possible fire story being missed is the 3 big fires in the last few months.


Penrose – Coolstore

Penrose – Reclaimed Papers

They all seem deliberate. Are they connected?

WAKE UP said...

MILT, thanks and, honestly, no offence, but while it may have been "all over" the SS-T, I still don't know what we're looking for here.

If it's that the MSM doesn't tell us the truth, well we know that; if it's that some families are dysfunctional, we know that; if it's that there's a "ghetto" culture of disaster, we know that; if it's that politicians (and legislation such as anti-smacking) are ineffective, we know that. etc.

So right now, to me anyway, this all feels just...ummm...gossipy.

Please enlighten me if you can.

Psycho Milt said...

Never let it be said that I consider shameless gossip beneath me, Wake Up! In this case though, it's more about "Why don't they ask the damn questions?"

It's obvious enough from this thread that I'm not unusual in thinking "pissed wankers" when I hear someone's house burned down when they left a chip pan on in the middle of the night. And yet no bugger in the news media I saw asked the question, leaving us to speculate about the poor sod when he's probably only guilty of not checking his smoke alarms.

Same thing on 3 News last night - some journo quacking on about how the Israeli govt considers it's nearly achieved its goals in Gaza, seemingly without having bothered to ask the govt what these goals might be. Dumbass then moved onto some Palestinian fighters who assured him they were close to victory - he of course didn't ask them to define what "victory" would actually consist of.

Again, we're left to speculate. I figure the Israeli govt's goals for the conflict are re-election of its component parties to govt, but they aren't close to achieving those because the election's not til February. Maybe their goals are as limited as raising their polling results above Likud? As to the Palestinian fighters, I guess they could be defining victory as "survive the conflict."

WAKE UP said...

MILT: cool, we're certainly on the same page in that general regard.

I always say that the real news is either hidden in the small paragraph on page 3, or hidden in the unasked qustion.