Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stupid ministers ahoy!

What cretinous buffoons we have in Britain running the country.
Take foreign minister David Milliband who slammed Bush's war on terror just days before he leaves office.
And where did he give his speech? But in the very same Mumbai hotel which was attacked by terrorist gunmen a few months back.
I am sure the Indians present might feel there is a war out there.
Of course, perhaps George Bush was a little soft in choosing his words. Perhaps Clash of Civilisations or war against IslamoFacism might have been more accurate.
But such appeasement from a pipsqueak truly shows the cowardice in Britain today. The lad in charge of the Foreign office is truly out of his depth. Iain Dale is not impressed either.
My, my, David Milliband is as silly as the government minister whom a few days back talked of seeing the 'green shoots' of recovery just as thousands of more joblosses were announced.
How are the ministers behaving in New Zealand?

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