Saturday, January 31, 2009

Should John Key bend over for gays?

I noted a few ads in the NZ Herald for the Big Day Out recently.
It got me thinking of the similarly titled Big Gay Out, where you may recall Uncle Helen made some rather ambiguous comments about her sexuality a couple of years back.
Now, we'll leave those for another day.
But now she is no longer Dear Leader, what now for this event and which dignatories will be attending?
Helen's handbag Judith Tizard is no longer Culture minister and neither is she the member for Auckland Central.
So in what capacity might either venture down to Coyne Park next Sunday?
John Key is now prime minister, 'our prime minister' to quote the drag queens on Uncle Helen.
It is now the PM's duty to similarly attend, as he did when leader of the opposition.
We now have the openly gay Chris Finlayson, who should wave the pink flag for National.
The liberal and gay -friendly Auckland central MP, the lovely Nikki Kaye should also be present.
And perhaps it now befalls on Phil Goff to fill-in for Uncle Helen as Liarbour leader.
Now the big issues for the gay world are pretty much over. Homosexuality is legal , Civil Unions are happening, if not in huge numbers. And that's pretty much it. Society is largely tolerant. The battles have been won.
And this is good for National, as indeed it should be for the right.
It is time for National to show it is a more tolerant and diverse party than before, that all is welcome under John Key's big tent. Any bigotry is past and no longer should the right drive gays into left wing parties through prejudice. I believe the vast majority of the VRWC accept this too and they are not prejudiced either.
National should openly accept and welcome the settlement that Uncle Helen has left New Zealand with concerning these matters.
No doubt there will be those who still see Civil Unions as damaging marriage and families. But how can two guys or chicks making a committment do this, unless you believe there are thousands of men and women trapped in sham marriages just waiting for the excuse to dump their partners and run off with their gay and lesbian lovers?
So John Key needs to turn up and talk about a positive new National, open and diverse.
He should praise the Gay Auckland Business Association, noting its enterprise and charitable acticity.
He should welcome the prospect of New Zealand having a gay prime minister one day.
And he can, if he wants, correct himself by saying 'openly gay prime minister' and joking to Chris Finlayson that he's not ready to retire yet.
John Key should also say what his government is doing to help all New Zealanders, which includes gays.
He should echo many points raised in this piece by gay CentreRight UK blogger Graeme Archer, which fellow gay Brit Iain Dale quotes so approvingly: that gays are naturally conservative. That gay rights agendas on hate crimes are also damaging.
Indeed, I might add that a live and let live attitude is also the epitomy of the freedom loving right, in contrast to a nannying left that wants to poke its nose into everyone's business.
And why should gays support a party that brought in Working (for other people's) Families?
The PM might want to note, as this blog has done, that gays are moving rightwards in Europe in response to the violence and barbarity of homophobic Islamists.
That there are also gay Republicans in the USA, including gay conservatives, not to mention, Harvey Milk, the subject of a new movie Milk, who was initially a Republican.
There's gay Conservatives in Britain too.
So go out there Mr Prime Minister and spread the right Gospel to a new audience.
You don't have to bend over either, just get homosexuals to stop veering left and encourage them to try out a new position!


Heine said...

The issue is, and this is why the gay lobby got sucked into Labour was that Labour created a "them and us" mentality, when in theory MOST liberal righties don't give a toss what people do in their own bedrooms. The gay agenda is mostly made up because the left needed to create an ally.

I don't care who sleeps with who or what - so of course National should go and do their thing there. Labour have just as much anti gay sentiment in their party ranks as the Nats do. It's just better PR by Labour to make us thing otherwise.

Shane Ponting said...

How big is the gay population? 1-2% ?

I think National would do better to just ignore them because at least in my sphere of interaction nobody is impressed by their politicians pandering to minorities (even lip service) and generally see it as wasting time that could be spent on fighting the recession.

Of course I may just be living in rednecksville or whatever stereotype might fit me.....

Psycho Milt said...

...MOST liberal righties don't give a toss what people do in their own bedrooms.

As demonstrated by the way they scrupulously avoided making an issue of Clark and Davis's sexuality? The way they never once mentioned the number of gays on Labour's list? The way we never once heard from them the term "homosexual agenda?" That kind of not giving a toss, you mean?

Indeed, I might add that a live and let live attitude is also the epitomy of the freedom loving right, in contrast to a nannying left that wants to poke its nose into everyone's business.

This is of course why right-wing MPs had such a terrible struggle to get homosexual law reform through Parliament against the loud and bitter opposition of nannying lefties like Fran Wilde...

Falafulu Fisi said...

Fairfacts said...
The liberal and gay -friendly Auckland central MP, the lovely Nikki Kaye should also be present.

I've met Nikki Kaye at the Franklin Rd's neighborhood drinks before John Banks formally turned on the christmas street lights last Dec (2008). I didn't detect during the party whether Ms Kaye is gay-friendly or not.

MrTips said...

I wouldn't bother if I was Key.

I would rather he make sure he attend an employment forum or line up the useless bastards in Treasury who can't forecast to save themselves and shoot them.

Those issues are rather more important right now.

Clunking Fist said...

Okay, psycho, the labs didn't turn rabid one gays, but could it have only been a question of time? Look how they turned on Maori...

Clunking Fist said...

"on" sorry!

Mr Dennis said...

"It is now the PM's duty to similarly attend, as he did when leader of the opposition."
Why is it his "duty" to attend? Is it also his "duty" to attend the Parachute music festival to reach out to the conservative voters - a far larger proportion of the population?

I agree with Shane. He should ignore this and deal with more important matters.

Cactus Kate said...


Anyone who ventures down Ponsonby Rd by definition has to be gay-friendly.

John Key should attend. Gay people generally do more drugs, drink more alcohol and so are more fun.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Iceland is going to have the first "out" lesbian PM in the Universe.

Could have been NZ first!


Yes, I did read about the new Icelandinc PM.
What was good to read on one of the stories was people are more concerned that she's a tax and spend socialist than who she sleeps with.

And I think Heine's comment is very astute.

It is far comment about the economy being far more important, but I am sure John key should spare a few hours next Sunday.

dad4justice said...

Liberal righties might not care about faggots but conservative righties detest the filth.

Barnsley Bill said...

I am going to take liberties now and make a pronouncement for all the authors here.
Your comment was stupid, it added no value to the thread and makes you look like a sad little bigot. You can do better.
You do not speak for this "conservative rightie" and frankly I think you have a damn cheek vomiting hate speech like that when you are a guest here.

dad4justice said...

Hate speech ? Lol

libertyscott said...

D4J of course happily cheering on the prosecution of Alan Turing, the gay mathematician who broke the Nazi's enigma machine encryption system, and undoubtedly helped shorten World War 2 (oh the Nazis used to gas homosexuals too, so hey maybe we were on the wrong side right D4J?). The filth comes from those who supported such oppression. The right will be set free when even conservatives stop giving a damn about what consenting adults do on private property.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Key may be gay himself. He definitely talks just like the hairdresser I had growing up. And his wife is dried up and plain with no femininity like Helen Clark. Plus he seems to get riles and emotional quite easily in parliament.

RightsaidFred said...

Does anyone actually take D4J seriously?

Remember this is the same man who claims that the Police are willing, ready and waiting to 'referee' his meetings with his internet enemies.

He makes Red look sane and grounded.