Saturday, January 24, 2009

Question for the day

Why would anybody ever listen to/ give their money to Money Managers?

How many more times can a Money Managers scheme fall over before they run out of blind deaf idiots to secure funds from.

Another multi million dollar scheme goes tits up in a related party lending debacle

This happens with Money Managers with alarming frequency, the first I recall was the Metropolis mezzanine finance debacle, since then we have seen it every 18 months or so. A biblical catastrophe of a hangover prevents the author from further research to list the cock ups. Feel free to provide details in comments and I will update the post if I do not develop a brain aneurysm.


Pique Oil said...

As a retired drunk I read with amusement your description of a hangover. You silly man did you not know that the correct procedure was to remove brain and liver (placing them carefully in water and a cool place) before beginning a session. After a few glasses no one knows the brain is missing as everybody is talking shit.
The next morning you wake from the Wish you were dead, and after rinsing the cranial cavity , re insert brain followed by liver. a word of warning though, it is essential that you don't mix the liver and brain up. the results of such a mixup are only able to be fixed by a three day bender with parts correctly in place. Very very painful

Barnsley Bill said...

feeling a little better now. Stinking hot up here today, methinks a bacon sandwich and a swim might be just the tonic to prepare for tonights effort..