Friday, January 9, 2009

Police Steak Out

The report did not tell us whether the hungry family were members of our darker brethren.

A policeman's life is not a happy one.


Inventory2 said...

Perhaps, in his BREWS-induced confusion, he thought that the boys in BLUE were on the menu from the BBQ!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch ! getting bitten in the Fracas must hurt. Would you need shots after that? Rabies or whiskey shots?

thedavincimode said...

... Sam Stevens, the mother of the victim, Constable Caine Stevens, aged 3 of Hamilton, is outraged that the alleged offender has not been put down. "Its not like Caine grabbed the guys nuts or anything" she is reported as saying. "In fact, everyone laughed when Caine shoved that double happy up the guys arse when he had flaked."

Detective Senior Sergeant Pannini who is heading the inquiry commented " ... a prosecution will definitely follow. It is important that we sent a message to the community that people who have flaked due to an excess of jungle juice should not allow crackers to be shoved up their arses ... biting people simply because they have let their guard down is simply not an acceptable response ..."

Anonymous said...

'darker brethren' -really come on thats racist.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonmymous, please go and bite your arse. Of course it's racist. Maoris used to eat missionaries, remember?