Saturday, January 31, 2009

Picky Poms! Down Under not wanted?

Once again, I’ve been watching the BBC TV series Wanted Down Under, where the tv company took 20 families and got them to sample a week of life in either Australia or New Zealand and then vote to stay or return to the UK.
You may remember I blogged about it last year.
Well, despite the doom and gloom of an increasingly sick economy, the Brits have increasingly voted to stay at home.
Apparantly, neither country came up to scratch and only a handful, if that, are heading our way.
Now, the programme was filmed in mid-2008, so obviously the Poms were suffering from falling property prices and a falling pound, meaning their money would not go as far in our part of the world.
But where their expectations realistic? We know we live in GodZone but there are a few snakes in our Garden of Eden, like low wages, high house prices, etc, etc.
The Poms expected to earn similar money to the UK while expecting to work less, to have that quality time and better work-life balance. And some also wanted the wife to stop working so they could spend more time with the kids.
‘Nobody wants to work’ was a common cry from my dad.
And the families expected to be able to sell their house, pay off their mortgage, and still have enough left over to buy the dream house with swimming pool not far from the beach, even in Sydney in one case!
Even if they would find a better life Down Under, the BBC played one final trick, showing the families a DVD featuring messages from the family and friends ‘back home.’ And I must say some family and friends seemed really selfish by laying it on thick about how much they would ‘miss’ people. Talk about emotional blackmail. It often led to many tears.
As for me, well I hope I am still wanted down under.
After nearly 2 months back in the UK, I have considered everything: The work prospects, housing costs, lifestyle, etc, etc. And I have voted to return to New Zealand. I will be back in Auckland on Tuesday February 10.


Heine said...
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Dave Mann said...

I'm glad to hear that you are coming back, FFM.

When you left, I was wondering how you would find life in the UK and whether you would settle back in. Being of UK origins myself and having close family in the UK, I had toyed with the idea of going back to have a look, but not really seriously, though. However, the idea of living for a time in Europe - say France - has long had an appeal for me.

I look forward to hearing much more from you and other commenters on the subject of pluses-and-minuses of life in the UK.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are returning. I cannot say that I am surprised, but I do know that you are making the right choice. There's lots that is wrong here, but there's lots more that is wrong in UK right now. We have had, and still are, having a won derful summer. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Sydney and you Antipodean idiots are all totally deluded. I'm heading back to the UK despite the weather and the media-driven doom and gloom because I can't stand it a minute longer here with your parochial media and naive colonial chips on both shoulders and misplaced ideal that down here (on the total a**hole of the world) is God's country because, allegedly, the sun shines a bit. "Whoopee f**ckin do". I love the UK, love it, I love my family and I hate the shallow culture here in Oz, the drivel your media spouts about all us Poms hating our own country and wanting to be here. Crap. Total crap. What have you got here apart from a bit of sunshine? F##ck all. You haven't got 1 percent interest rates, have you? You haven't got the recession the UK has - BUT YOU SOON WILL, because as usual Australasia is so far behind everybody else it's laughable. And as for this 'POMS don't work' shit, how many of you idiots do it because you're crawling up the boss's 'aristotle?' Nobody's fit enough in the brain to work a 14 hour day, so go be a martyr to the cause, you thin-cultured losers!

I'll never be an Aussie or a Kiwi, never respect any of your culture and never support your nasty spitting snarling sporting teams at anything.

Enjoy your parochial backwaters that have absolutely no meaning or relevance on the world stage (something you so desperately crave!) Oh, sorry, apart from some beaches full of drongos that us POMS can go find anywhwre else in the world. Spain, Malibu, Greece, yawn, the list is endless. . .

P.S. Your food is shite too! Simply a plagirised conglomeration from anywhere else on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Wow that was an incredible piece of writing there Mr Anonymous. I hope you didn't burst a blood vessel when you were typing that out.

'Your food is shite too! Simply a plagirised conglomeration from anywhere else on the planet.'

Hahaha mate you are hilarious, I'm picturing you with a constipated red face slamming the keyboard muttering obscenities.

Go take a walk down to the beach and take a deep breath of fresh air

Anonymous said...

Got to love "Wanted Down Under" for the load of crap it is. I came here without the luxury of a 'recce' visit, let alone a stopover because I COULDN'T AFFORD EITHER or even knew about it, I arrived like a bag of airmail and jet lag / leg tightness from sitting in economy that lasted three days.

All these crybaby whingers saying "boo hoo, oh, we only got a million pounds for our house, we only got three thousand pound for our hoo" absolutely 5h1t me to tears (to use an Aussie expression) because I had fcuk all to sell to get here, but I made it by four years of hard work and saving. But these ring-ins want the best of's some news - "as a migrant, be prepared to work fcuking hard to get what you want and to start with nothing"

Bunch of whinging, over entitled, over monied and unrealistic people. You give the rest of us Brits and migrants a bad us a favour and STAY in the UK, please.