Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Old sows together? But we should eat our cute friends

I've often commented on the similarities between Britain and New Zealand.
Further proof came in the Sunday Times, noting the lovely Joanna Lumley is joining a campaign to highlight alleged cruelty in pig farming.
Then, it struck me. Doesn't she remind us of our own Sue Kedgeley, the Green MP who has took part in similar campaigns, including battery farming.
Now, as the son of a retired pig farmer, I am more concerned about campaigns to promote the eating of locally reared meat, adding such sow stalls were often necessary to prevent the sows from rolling over and crushing their young. And I'm sure on a cold winter's day, pigs might prefer to be indoors rather than out in the freezing weather like at a farm up the road from my parents' current house in rural Yorkshire.
Campaigners also need to be aware of the harm they can do to industries like farming, which play such a vital role in rural life as well as the wider economy.
Now, I know it was just a movie, and perhaps no campaigning was intended. But one of the most damaging things to hit the pork industry in the 1990s was the movie Babe. After seeing the talking pig, consumers, no doubt led by their children, did not want to buy as much of a beast now seen as cute and cuddly.
I guess we have similar issues too facing the consumption of kangaroo in Australia/ New Zealand (Can we eat skippy to save the planet?), not to mention deer/ venison, whom are reportedly savage beasts that harm the environment, but are similalrly tasty but cute!


Barnsley Bill said...

A few points;
I posted on the yummy NZ lamb a few days ago, found any on special after viewing the lovely youtube?

Anonymous said...


From what I have read you and I seem to agree on most things, certainly we both seem to detest the left with a healthy passion.
However, on this we will never agree, there is NO justification for keeping animals in cages, your suggestion that it stops them crushing their young is laughable.
I am not against farming at all, I simply believe that all animals raised for consumption have the right to a dignified life and most importantly a quick, painless and unexpected death.
Keeping the poor sods in cages all their lives is cruel.

Big Bruv

Psycho Milt said...

I'm with Bill on this: no Lumley/Kedgeley comparisons. Ever. Under any circumstances.

thedavincimode said...

"Doesn't she remind us of our own Sue Kedgeley,"

That bloody Shadbolt. Surely he hasn't rooted Joanna Lumley??!!

Psycho Milt said...

Yo, what? First Bill and I must endure Fairfacts Media comparing Joanna Lumley with the appalling Kedgeley, now davincimode invites us to contemplate the equally-appalling Shadbolt slipping the beautiful and thoroughly-undeserving Lumley a length. It's intolerable! Where is the fucking useless Human Rights Commission when you need it?

Barnsley Bill said...

Davincimode.... I have killed men for less...Never come here and ruin my night again... I have been in a deep and meaningful relationship with Ms Lumley since she shone in OHMS..
Her appearing in Sapphire and Steel coincided with me getting a telly in my bedroom for the first time.. PM... Close comments on this thread or I am gonna go medieval on someone's ass.


Apologies BB for the comparison.
I remeber JL on Sapphire and Steel as well.
That was a strange but wonderful programme.
She even made a brief appearance on Coronation Street way back as well.

Anyway, good to see I'm keeping you guys awake.
Where's Adolf?


Oh and I did have a question mark in the title :)