Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Art from the Middle East

No Minister likes to offer a little culture when we can.
We are a diverse blog and we like tabloid content too.
But I thought I would share this excellent art exhibition in London at the moment.
The images are certainly striking and speak volumes about the oppressive nature of Islam.
So I guess, there's not much to add, other than enjoy the pictures and the commentary.
Either way, I bet the Mad Mullahs are not happy!


Anonymous said...

What spiffing pics there.
Great to see art being political as well.
I really love the ones of the muslim gay guys.
Allah won't be pleased at all.
Trebles and suicide bombers all round!

SDP Ranger

Anonymous said...

'A picture paints a thousand words'

Mrs Danvers


Indeed Mrs Danvers.
That pic clearly shows women are to be covered up and treated like chattels, to be silenced too, and are just fit for housework.
What an evil creed is Islam, yet the left are so in love with it.