Friday, January 2, 2009

McCully To Go?

Adolf has returned from a week in near 40 degree temperatures to find a three interesting and juxtaposed events.

The first is the Dompost's political predictions for 2009, in which it is expected that a a junior cabinet minister will screw up badly and be shuffled out within six months.

"13 A junior minister will have egg on their(sic) face within six months, testing Mr Key's promise to set a high level of accountability."

The second is the judgment of the Fiji High Court on a complaint from deposed PM Queerarse in which the Court upheld the actions of the Fijian President in validating the legitimacy of the Bainimarmama regime.

The third is the absolutely extraordinary and ridiculous negative December 24th travel advisory issued by NZ's Department of Foreign Affairs in which Kiwi's are warned off travelling to Fiji.

"There is some risk to your security in Fiji and we advise caution."

There is less risk in traveling to Fiji than there is in Manukau City.

McCully is screwing up, big time. Look for the egg on face within six months.


pdm said...

Compliments of the season Adolf.

I agree - McCully is way of track with Fiji and the Travel Advisory is stupid to say the least. There may be one or two parts of Suva that is best to avoid - they are probably the same places that it was best to avoid when we lived there in the mid 70's.

Visit the Wetern side and you probably wouldn't know a coup had taken place - except that most of the population there supports Bainimarama.

As said previously by myself and others is that Key himself quietly flies into Suva and sits down with Bainimarama around a `grog (kava) bowl' and talks things through. He would learn more in an hour than in a year from the clowns presently advising him.

pdm said...

Apologies for the typos - brain works faster than the fingers.

Main error line 1 para 3 wetern side should read Western side.

Anonymous said...

Let's be fucken clear here Fijis govt is more legitimate than nz's under labour and Fijis constitution is more solid than nz's. Key should revoke all sanctions and ask Fiji for help in fixing nz's problems. Notably the common problem: the labour party.


Good to see you are back home safe, Adolf.
yes, Perth gets very hot.
Too hot for me.
I am sure all parties would learn much from sitting down with a bowl of kava.
Well it might be worth a try.
Can't see what harm would come of it.
I'd much rather have cava, myself, though than the foul tasting dishwater concoction.