Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Losing office is so ageing

A few weeks back I remarked on the lack of news concerning former UK PM Tony Blair.
But thanks to his Middle East peace envoy role and George Bush giving him a medal, phoney Tony is back in the news.
And doesn't he look old!
No longer the fresh face of New Liarbore, who was so hip and created 'Cool Britiania.'
But someone looking so old and tired, past his best, past his use-by date, ready for the knackers yard.
The last year or so out of office obviously hasn't been kind to him.

Blair's plight reminded me of Uncle Helen who appeared to have aged considerably in the few weeks following her election defeat.
Look at how old, tired and haggard she appeared on her Samoa holiday with husband Peter.
Which got me thinking.
Perhaps power is a great asphodisiac as they say, and it keeps you young looking too.
I remember Margaret Thatcher thrived on it.
But if there's anything more tiring and stressful than running a country, perhaps it is finally being at home with your family and your beloved spouse!


Anonymous said...

Aha but there is a great counterexample: George.

who is leaving office, looking if anything younger than he did when he arrived.

I think it's not leaving office per se, but guilt.

If you've basically wrecked the economy of your country and aligned it with socialist islamist genocides - they yep, you'll loose power and sit around wondering when the populace will wake up to what you've done and hang you from the nearest lamppost.

if you've done the right things and your conscience is clear- well no problem them!

Psycho Milt said...

Christ, Tony looks to have been aged easily a decade by his decade in power! He looks like he's in his mid-50s, and he's only, er, 54.

Re George, the stress of leadership is what ages you. If you're shallow and dim, you don't really feel the weight of office.