Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leeds: From Boom to Bust!!!

Leeds is the main city in West Yorkshire, with over half a million people.

It has long lost its manufacturing and with a new focus on services, re-invested itself as the financial capital of the north.

So for the first time in years, the place looked distinctly rough.

What a contrast to other visits in other years.

Previously, each year the city seemed to be getting richer and richer, with top stores like Harvey Nicholls and all the leading fashion desoigners like Vivienne Westwood having boutiques as well.

Leeds was booming, Leeds was prosperous and the cranes on the skyline kept constructing ever higher offices and appartments.

But this week, the city had the cold wind of recession blowing through it.

There were a few boarded up shops. The main streets were pretty quiet and it was so bloody easy to park too, just a few minutes walk away by the old market. Even Marks and Spencer seemed quiet.

So, yes, recession is biting in Britain. And the bailouts do not seem to be changing things one bit.


Heine said...

And a shite football team!!

Anonymous said...

Petone looks better


Don't say that Clint.
My Mum is quite a loyal follower of Leeds.
As for me, I can't be bothered.

Heine said...

Your poor Mum. Leeds have crashed and burned for years, and as soon as it starts to look up they get clobbered down again.

I am sure they will bounce back up one day soon!