Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have been mugged.

Yesterday, I posted on how well things were going at present and laughingly mentioned that something terrible was about to happen.
Today it did.
I was mugged by a patched member of this countries largest gang.
Going about my lawful business I was pulled over and the mugger demanded 150 dollars from me.
Apparently I did not come to a complete stop at a compulsory stop sign. This gives the mugger the right to demand money from me.
I have a number of issues with this and feel like sharing them.

1. I absolutely DID come to a complete stop.
2. Late in the month, quotas to fill.
3. Kerikeri has more than it's fair share of uniformed revenue men, this is due to the area being a lot more affluent than other towns that fall within the police district.
ergo, easier pickings for the cops and they are a lot less likely to get stabbed/ spat on/ generally abused. Plus the fines are much more likely to be paid.

This leaves me with a stark choice.
I can either pay up and sulk or I can decide not to pay.
Now at this stage I guess most of you are thinking "you must have rolled through the junction" I absolutely swear I did not.
Where is the profit for me in making a fuss? I am a big boy, I can take my lumps when they are deserved but it is not in this case.
if I decide to fight I will no doubt lose anyway and it will cost me heaps in time and more than the original fine.
But that is why the bastards write them, they just know you are going to pay up because to fight is an aggravation and most of us cannot be bothered.
Well sorry, this is the way I roll now.
I will be collecting names and addresses for the following people
Local Commander
District Commander
Minster of police
Local MP
They are going to get a letter, and then I am going to start filing official information requests. I want to know how the quota/ performance indicators or whatever else they call this shit is measured, handed out and reported on. Then I am going to start requesting details on the type and quantity of tickets issued in the far north, and I want it broken down by date , time and location. Then I am going to start photographing these fuckers and posting the pics.
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I will be going to court, you can guarantee I will be posting on that as well.


KG said...

Good one, BB--nothing will change until more people stand up to the bastards.
I wonder if he'd have dared do that over in Kaikohe or in Kaitaia?

ZenTiger said...

Best of luck with that.

Anonymous said...

He could have shot you, it happens with these cowboys , dont moan

Barnsley Bill said...

Anonymous, I actually considered an off hand poor taste comment like that in the original post. I drive a white van too!
KG, I have had that conversation with a couple of off duty cops locally. Kaikohe is the unregistered unwarranted car capital of the north. I am over there once a week, I almost never see a cop.. Other than one parked (normally double parked) outside Lens Pies, who happen to special jam donuts every day. Make of that what you will. But if you were a cop with a big quota to fill each month where would you be sitting? In Kerikeri the Aryan paradise of the North. Or Kaikohe the global headquarters for Ngapuhi.
We all bitch and moan when we get tickets but I really did not roll through. I had to stop to let a truck go past before I pulled out. This is simply a case of quota reach.
Oh, and I have not had a ticket since 2002, that was for speeding and I was.

Anonymous said...

The cops are out in droves lately, not fighting the gun-toting crims etc, but issuing tickets for all and sundry, I just got burned myself (for rego), and have been warned my car may be confiscated. They are out for blood, $200, money and fear. The more things change, the more they stay the same, can't see you getting much help from the MP, somehow. Good luck anyway.

Barnsley Bill said...

To be honest the whole thing is probably pointless, but the cop got it wrong. What am I supposed to do? say thanks when they are balls deep in my wallet?
I will go to court, the jp will believe the cop thereby branding me a liar. But to do nothing is wrong.
Incidentally, I got a jury summons yesterday. They can suck my hairy arse.

PM of NZ said...

See - you knew something bad was about to happen.

I too was stopped yesterday by the uniformed revenue men.

They were only looking at the date currency of the $200 plus rego sticker that gives some bureaucrat a job in recording the bit of paper.

Their quota must be down over the hols and someone has noticed the end if the month is nigh.

Pique Oil said...

Two weeks ago I was driing into Woodville when I came across a drink driving checkpoint. It was 3PM on a Wednesday FFS. The Kojak wannabe asked how my day was and did not appreciate hwen I said great until you fucked it up. I am a retired drunk so I took childish delight in speaking loudly and clearly into his sniffer thing that I am a tetotaller and have been for years. The wanker replied "that is good sir" as though I had done it to please him. My parting comment was to take care and don't work too hard in the hot sun will you.
That checkpoint was an exercise in statistics. Contacts were made, vehicles were QVed and the stats for the area will pass the beancounter test. Zero crime was found and fought so all must be good. Yeah right.
Fight BB.
Ask the cop what speed you were doing. ask him to prove you were moving. take a video and repeat the situation. Tie them up with time wasting tactics. Question everything possible and then some.
Play the game just like the bro's in Kaikohe have learnt to.
You may be surprised at the outcome

Anonymous said...

can't see you getting much help from the MP, somehow

Well it's John Carter, so you may have some luck actually.

If it was Labour, it would cost a bung of rather more than 200 to get anything done.

Clunking Fist said...

And check every detail carefully on the ticket. If there is any hint of a mistake, such as time of day, date of birth, colour of car, etc...

Clunking Fist said...

Oh, and of course, measure the distance from the stop sign to the yellow line. Is the yellow line, that indicates where you are to stop, single or double? I think the regs these days must state single. (WhyTF: they used to be double so that they were visble amongst the clutter in some intercetions.) Take a lot of photos.

Remember that old geezer who got off when he parked on yellow lines: the ends weren't painted right.

Then there was that bloke, with the very witty letter, who was ticketed for an offence in a vehicle that was sold before he was born or something, and anyway he was appearing in court on another matter on a different island at the precise moment the offence was alleged to have occured. He got off, too. I'm sure I have a copy of the letter somewhere...

Clunking Fist said...

slightly off topic

Anonymous said...

maybe National should just start again with the entire police force and their socialist, corrupt mentality. Do the police not know that the govt has changed? Makes you wonder. Hope John Carter does help, he seems like a common sense man.

Anonymous said...

I fully support you taking them on, even with the predicted outcome.

Mind you I'm a sissy in that respect, since I was done for $300 of bogus ticketing - if I see a cop now I go into "mule mode" whereby my speed drops, my stopping at the stop sign involves upwards of 5 seconds, etc etc.

Then when they are gone it's back to driving to the conditions, which don't always agree with the law but pffft that's what the Beltronics STI-R is for........

Blair said...

I have had this happen to me before.

Show up to the District Court and plead Not Guilty.

Given that the cops then have to show up and prove it, they will look at their ability to do that and demure. Your charges will be dropped.

Anonymous said...

i got done the week before last, top of Ngauranga heading towards porirua direction.

cop with a laser on a bike at the J'ville turnoff and a pack of cars waiting to chase down and ticket the evil criminals speeding there.

If you don't know welly its where the hill flattens out, you go round the corner and then the limit goes back up to 100 - its 80 at that spot. apparently i was an evil criminal doing 93. the cop who caught me was so excited to chase me down on and make me stop on a dangerous road that he forgot to close his boot properly.

Bastards. They must have had 5 cars and the bike on "duty" that afternoon catching "criminals" in the warm summer weather.

Every one that you plead not guilty to clogs up the district court and makes the cop come in to demonstrate proof. given that the cop lasering and the cop chasing werent the same and werent in eye contact, i think i might challenge this one - i want to see the laser log. wonder if they kept it?

Anonymous said...

Top of Ngauranga Gorge! Who doesn't speed up over 80 before you get to the 100K sign once you get onto that straight. I had a discussion the other day with someone who recently sat their licence and is there any truth to what they said that there is now a three second rule at a stop sign "one thousand and one . . .". Could this be what the cop pinged you on? I remember it as simply that the car had to be stationary, and it could be for a fraction of a second. Using a three second rule would simply mean that the person behind you would think you are mentally defective.

Wigwam said...

Te Anau, 30 Dec, convo overheard whilst walking:
Driver; "I was looking at my electronic speedo and it said 51 km"
Copper: "Well the speed limit is 50 here sir"
These are the same people who pulled over a hearse for travelling too slow. Traffic cops are hated by the real cops.

Wigwam said...

PS BB - do an OIA on the tickets issued in Te Anau/Milford Rd - it will be an eye opener

Barnsley Bill said...

Must call farrar and get the gen on how to file an OIA, does it cost anything to do one? I have a list of nearly 20 questions so far.
John carter is a good guy, unfortunately his factotum up here (who is a close neighbour and a really good guy) is a JP, licensed driving tester and an encyclopedia on the road rules, told me I am wasting my time and will never get a beak to side with me over a cop.
Fuck it, I have plenty of time to waste and have been looking for something to get angry about since the rage subsided on Nov 8th.

Anonymous said...

Its the time of the year. Just a schools go back. apparently they have all returned from holiday with their kids and now have lots of time to fill before the real crimes of the year begin. A bit like the television stations really.
Now I have no problem with booze testing anytime of the day or night except to say they don't do enough of it. I spend hours most days driving around and have been stopped once in the last 10 years. Told the local drink cop the didn't do enough and he sad "no resources"

This may help. A precedant case if you can find it.
Many long years ago, probably72 or thereabouts
, Sir Patrick Goodman was ticketed for the same misdemeanor in Nelson. He did actually roll very slowly through the stop sign but the Magistrate deemed that to be safe and dismissed the charge.
If you can find the case file it might help.

Anonymous said...

BB - send me an email and I'll let you know how to get the police file - not that there will be much! It will simply be his/ her word against yours and it is likely the JP's will believe the cop. You should see if any notebook entry was made - probably not as the notebook entry will be the ticket details. That's all the evidence will be.


Anonymous said...

will never get a beak to side with me over a cop.

yep. and that's how it should be.

are you on the side of hardworking taxpaying new zealanders or the bludgers and crims.

vexations complaints, oias, going to court when the cop's got you bang to rights - those are bludgers and crims and public servant tatics,

hardworking taxpaying kiwis say - "fair cop mate" and pay the fine. It's only $200 - what's the big deal?

if you're a bludger or even a civil servant that might be lots of cash - but for a worker, it's hardly an evening meal out.

so stop whinging like a labour voter

Barnsley Bill said...

What a complete cock trumpet you are.
read the thread and the comments again. If that doesn't work try picking your keyboard up and hitting yourself in the head with it until your arm gets too sore to hold the keyboard. Then change arms. If after doing this you are still rubbish... REPEAT.
I did not drive through the stop sign.
The amount of money is not the issue. The issue is quotas and the persecution of the middle class drivers trying to go about their lawful business.

Clunking Fist said...

Not wanting to link whore or anything, Mr B, but I found a copy of the "witty letter" I was refering to in a previous comment:

Pique Oil said...

Direct from the road code. Atan intersection controlled by a Stop Sign, you must
Come to a complete stop, not just slow down
Stop where you can see vehicles coming from all directions
Stay stopped until you have given way to all other vehicles (including bicycles and motorcycles etc
Use the give way rule if you and another vehicle are coming towards each other and you are both at stop signs
Not go until it is safe for you and all other traffic.

So the key words are come to a complete stop and stay stopped until you have given way to all other vehicles.
There is nothing that says you have to stop exactly behind the yellow lines, or a definition of what constitutes a complete stop.

You can stop behind another vehicle at an octagonal give way and then proceed across the intersection, providing you cross only when it is safe for you and other vehicles.
Fight it with science. take videos of a simulation and use it to prove that visibilty is adequate
You do not need to waste money with a lawyer. At the very worst you will have the same fine plus costs.Look on the costs as research costs for future posts. They even may be tax deductible if done correctly.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't National supposed to be bringing a police service in?
Not a branch of the IRD?
When will they get rid of Broad?
Will that make a difference?

SDP Ranger

Anonymous said...

I got stopped in Nelson at the beginning of the week. I had actually only slowed down, but seeing a clear road ahead both sides, went across.

The cop who pulled me over was, to my huge surprise, decent and cautioned me, saying he could have given me a ticket. I was lucky, and it is good to know that there are some out there who are reasonable human beings.


I fully symptahsise too, BB.
I was stopped doing 63 or so in a 50 zone going down a steep hill as you enter Orewa from Silverdale on the old SH1 which was about 4 lanes wide at that point.
In situations like this and yours, you really do wonder if the police are deliberately following some policy to piss off the type of people who would in other circumstances, support the Boys in Blue.
As mentioned elsewhere, I had hoped National might have done something about the police.
Have you contacted Judith Collins?
As For John Carter, I recall he was a decent chap, and may be of some use.

Anonymous said...

I did not drive through the stop sign.

Get a grip. It doesn't matter what you did or did not do. Nor what you say. I matters what the cop said you did. If you're a real Kiwi citizen, apologise politely to the officer, pay the fine, move on.

Or whine.

Perhaps you could form a group of fellow whiners: a Union.

Or a party for whiners: Labour.

Or have the government pay you: bludger.

Anonymous said...

Go to the intersection concerned and get plenty of photos.

Go here:

and download the Transit (now NZTA) manual called MOTSAM part 2.

Compare the markings at the intersection to those outlined in the manual (Look for Part 2 section 3). If there is any deviation, you may have a leg to stand on in court.

Please contact me if you have any more queries from a Roading/Traffic engineering viewpoint.

Best of luck in quest to 'stick it to the man'!.


PhilBest said...

I am inclined to agree with your assessment that the highway cops are turning into the country's biggest gang. I always believed it would come to the kind of stuff that Ian Wishart is reporting on lately, that crooked cops are using their powers of shaking down basically decent citizens over letter-of-the-law traffic infringements, to persuade said decent citizens from taking action against said crooked cops over other crimes such as theft.

The trouble is, that any cops with any ethics at all will have long since left the force in disgust, at being expected to carry out what is nothing more than a shakedown and nothing to do with road safety at all. Cops who need to fill their quotas end up looking out for decent, non-dangerous drivers infringing the letter of the law in situations where it is not dangerous to do so. In the truly dangerous situations, the said decent people are driving sensibly anyway.

I actually believe that some speed signs, yellow lines on roads, etc, have been placed with that kind of entrapment in mind, rather than any true safety considerations.

All this fits nicely with the trend towards socialist totalitarianism, which requires thuggish law enforcement officers of low intellect who will do their political masters bidding without question. The National Government needs to tackle this rot, along with all the other rot that is the legacy of their predecessors.

KG said...

"All this fits nicely with the trend towards socialist totalitarianism, which requires thuggish law enforcement officers of low intellect who will do their political masters bidding without question."