Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hypocritical hogwash over John Key's Holiday

And so the PM is in bother for having a holiday!
What a load of hypocritical hogwash.
I had to laugh when some of the criticism came from Uncle Helen, who, surprise surprise was on holiday herself, as the Herald reported.
How could she say it with a straight face?
As if she never holidayed at Christmastime too!
She often disappeared to Europe, visiting her inlaws in Britain and skiing in Norway.
David Farrar notes some hypocrisy too.
As for me, I say John Key is well entitled to a Christmas break.
As someone who has covered HR issues, it is taken as read that bosses need a break. That way they can rest and recharge their batteries for the battles ahead.
And with the economy the way it is, there will be battles aplenty.
John Key will need to be refreshed and sharp to come up with the right policies New Zealand needs.
He does not want to repeat the mistakes of Gordon Brown who appears to be running around like a headless chicken, intervening here, intervening there and announcing policy on the hoof, with little apparent thought. Certainly his policies appear not to be working and are coming under increasing fire.
Indeed, John Key has not been resting, it seems. He has come up with his jobs summit idea. The merits of what might come out of it are debateable as it is too soon to say what it will result in. But the summit shows he has been taking the economic crisis facing New Zealand seriously and has not been idling away in the Hawaiian sun.
Of course, what can government’s do to tackle the global crisis we face? At times, I feel like they are like King Canute trying to control the incoming tide. And with confidence a major factor in business and the economy, the many measures from UK Liarbour seem to be shattering confidence rather than restoring it.
Rather than look at what government should do, it maybe better to consider what government shouldn’t do. This is not a time to ditch capitalism, but rather a time to reflect on what works best for an economy, look at where governments went wrong in creating the conditions that led to the credit crunch.
So yes, John Key has played a blinder in coming up with the summit idea. But rather than it be a talkfest aiming to churn out initiative after initiative for the next day’s headlines, let the powers that be pause, reflect and learn what is and isn’t working overseas. By taking their time, they can do what is in the long term interest of New Zealand even if it might not immediately appear so.


Psycho Milt said...

What's Clark's portfolio again? Oh, that's right, she doesn't have one. And who was talking shit about all the work he was going to get done in his first 100 days in office? Hint: it wasn't Clark, it was someone else....

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah a jobs summit! That'll fix things. What a blinder!! WOW!!

100 days of action indeed.

Psycho Milt said...

In fact, Clark should go even harder on this, with stuff like:

"Key rushed a batch of hastily-drafted legislation through Parliament without public submission or select committee oversight so he could leave room for an extensive summer vacation."


"I thought National was against 4 weeks' paid leave or public servants?"

Anonymous said...

"I thought National was against 4 weeks' paid leave or public servants?"

National is indeed against 4 weeks leave. And getting this down to something internationally competitive would indeed be a rather worthwhile outcome from the jobs summit!

Bosses have to think. They need breaks. Workers and bludgers don't.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah a jobs summit! That'll fix things. What a blinder!! WOW!!

IF the jobs summit recommends what is required - but is apparently so unpalatable to the economically illiterate in NZ that even ACT won't propose it -
then it would be a fucking excellent idea!

- corporate taxes and FBT to zero
- all wages dropped by 30%
- except all civil service wages dropped by 50%
- back to 2 weeks annual leave
- employers can fire at will
- unions liable for all costs they cause to employers
- removal of ACC, replacement by personal responsibility, no employer liability

these are the kind of changes that everyone knows will actually increase jobs but the lefties ensure cannot even be discussed.

Psycho Milt said...

Bosses have to think. They need breaks. Workers and bludgers don't.

This is just the kind of snappy comeback us lefty-voting types would love to see John Key come up with. Have you thought about offering to write his speeches?

KG said...

"Bosses have to think. They need breaks. Workers and bludgers don't.
Piss off.
In the first place, for lumping workers and bludgers together.
secondly, for assuming that only bosses need a break.
Ever tried working back-to-back ten hour shifts in the emergency dept. of a large, busy hospital? Or being on-call 24/7 for weeks at a time?
Perhaps the people who keep the power connected for you during storms and the water flowing are 'bludgers" too?

And my experience of many bosses is that the most stress they suffer is deciding where to (2hr) lunch today or where to play fucking golf all day Wednesday.
No wonder you comment as "Anonymous"--no self-respecting person would put their name to such drivel.

Murray said...

He got more positive things done in first NINE DAYS than that wax work aparition did in nine years.

And now it bicthes hes not fixing her clusterfuck fast enough????

waaa waaa much?

Anonymous said...

Well said Murray.

It is owrth noting that consumer and business confidence has historically been a contrarian indicator.

Confidence was highest just before the tech bubble burst and before the 1987 crash.

EFTPOS receipts were up for New Year sales, and I still can't get a park at the mall after 11am, so it doesn't look like the depression many commenters on the blogs and MSM are so desperate for us to have.

Anonymous said...

so it doesn't look like the depression many commenters on the blogs and MSM are so desperate for us to have.

get a grip.

property prices - down the hole

car sales - down the hole

government debt - approaching 1930s levels

overall economic performance - down the gurgler

Anonymous said...

anon As old Rob Muldoon so wisely said most citizens wouldnt recognise a deficit if they fell over one in the street. Fact is their eyes glaze when you talk economics to them Cause its not tangible stuff that you can see feel and touch. What the pollies and economists have to do is explain it all in lagnuage that the punters can understand. If you cant connect with your audience then you dont get your message across.You gotta put it in words they can follow. tell them why what how where when who etc. then they will understand and follow


Anonymous said...

Suggest you join a cult and commit suicide then.

Today is nothing like 1930's. With globalisation and instant flows of money to suggest it is is risible.

When we see 20% unemployment etc then there will be a depression.

Otherwise it is an opportunity for the bold. I have started reinvesting in US markets.

What's the betting you are gold bugs and one world order/Jewish bankers conspiracy theorists.

WAKE UP said...

The only summit that ever fixed anything was Hillary climbing Everest. I knew a librarian in the public service, who told me they used the reports from summits and commissions and conferences to prop open doors and hold up shelves (and probably as ballast on the Canterbury).

Everyone's trying to score cheap points from a "bigger than both of you" situation.

Facts: (1) Labout had nine years to get it right - and didn't. (2) the election took place less than two months ago, and a large part of the the intervening period has been the holiday period - tjhere's been hardly any time to do anything. (3) macro-economic problems driving a world situation of which we are but a part ("world famous in New Zealand", that's us)

Chill, everyone. Some of us are STILL on holiday.

thedavincimode said...


Kindly stop showing that photo of Peter Davis' grandmother.

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