Thursday, January 15, 2009

How much more nannying can we take?

If ever there was something to highlight the economic apocalypse facing Britain, it is the issue of leftovers.
Recently, I noted how even Sainsbury's is running adds to encourage us to re-use leftovers!
This, on top of various leftover receipe suggestions from Jamie and Nigella in our Christmas tv programming.
Whate greater symbol could there be of Gordon Brown's Bankrupt Britain!
Now, it get's worse. Brown has already admonished the nation over wasting too much food.
But we will now see the creation of a food police to tell householders all about use-by dates and not throwing food away.
True, it's only a trial, but 24,500 homes are set to be visited, in this pilot programme.
I can only wonder when such food police becomes commonplace.
I am amazed at the nannying on UKTV, such as the many ads telling us not to eat fatty food and to exercise.
And then we have the government banning tungsten lightbulbs like I mentioned yesterday and the EUSSR wanting to ban plasma tellies!
Just how much more nannying will the Poms take?
As for me, it seems far worse than anything we suffered under Helengrad!


Rakaia George said...

Why do you think there are so many of us out here?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you come back here? Do I detect a certain nostalgia for our little country? You could do a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

The London bobbies turn tail and run from the rabble shouting 'kill the jews' and 'allahu akbar' but it would seem that Mrs Smith can expect to hear their size 12's pounding up her driveway if she dare cook a fry-up on a Saturday night.

Mrs Danvers

Clunking Fist said...

"Don't throw away leftovers, warn 'food police'"

Six months later:
"Households need to improve food handling and storage on back of increase in food poisoning warn food police"

Observer said...


It is POHM, for Prisoner of Her Majesty, not POM which has no provenance.

Baxter said...

Do they send half a dozen cops around if you smack your kids.

Clunking Fist said...
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Clunking Fist said...

Only if some one sees you do it, or the child tells a teacher...