Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How much did Cullen cost us?

A clever little poster created by the UK Tories highlighting the cost of Gordon Brown and his excessively high taxtation and spending policies that are bankrupting Britain.
All his bailouts and VAT cuts are seemingly not working as Britain's recession deepens.
Tory leader Dave Cameron says ZanuLiarbore's policies will saddle every newborn with debt of £17,000, around $NZ45,000.
I know in New Zealand, the election campaign is over and the Dragon of Helengrad was slayed, but what about the peace? In the Great Battle ahead concerning the economy, the country needs to know the price we all paid for Liarbour's folly during the nine fat years. Now we appear to have some lean years ahead of us, the public need to know how ill-prepared Liarbour left us.
Thus, a wise National Party research unit should get out its caluculators and come up with our own sum to put an individual cost on Liarbour's legacy of a Decade Of Deficits!


Anonymous said...

Dragon of Helengrad was slayed,


Labour is still in parliament,
AND still exists as a political party.

There has been absolutely no punishment for Labour's electoral fraud from 1999, 2002, 2005, and 2008.

Unions are still permitted in NZ.

WFF continues. The DBP continues. the Dole continues.

Hospitals and Schools are still controlled by the state.

The government is borrowing like crazy - today! - for operational things like schools, civil servants salaries, and of course the Cullen Fund

10 reasons why Helen may be gone, but Helengrad remains

the first battle has been won: but the long fight remains, indeed, it is even more urgent now!

homepaddock said...

How much?

Too much and not just in financial terms but in attitude: turning middle and upper earning families into beneficiaries; disregard for property rights and business independence; the idea that government knows best . . .

Anonymous said...

add up the so called surpluses over the past 9 years which were in reality overtaxation. Plus add the 25% of spending that was just waste Add the deficits projected for the next decade and the sum is the cost of the disaster that was the Labour Government 1999/2008