Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How Many Sacrifices do we make for the Great God Gaia?

How many sacrifices must we make for the Great God Gaia?
Especially that new fangled religion, fighting 'climate change.'
At the weekend came yet another case of deja vu.
It might be for some of those to be affected here in Britain, but they might not be able to see things clearly in future.
Yes, the eco-friendly lightbulb debate raised its head again.
The harsh light such bulbs give may not allow partially-sighted people to see properly. Such bulbs could be dangerous, and lead to people falling. And because these energy efficient bulbs use less power, they give off no heat, so extra heaters might have to be used , thus negating any claimed energy saving from their use.
So like in New Zealand under Helengrad, we have a government telling people what to do with something as innocuous as lightbulbs. And all for some benefit that is doubtful to say the least.
Has it really come to this, that in so-called free societies, government has to dictate on such tiny inconsequential matters?
But as I mentioned before, such a rule is backed by Brussels. It is the EUSSR driving this law, so a British government might not be able to change the law, even if it wanted it to.
Growing up in Britain, I recall the debates over membership of what was once the European Economic Community. It was supposed to be just a Common Market- an area of free trade. That's what Britain signed upto in the 1970s and the British people backed in a referedum a few years later.
Did we ever envisage a European Superstate dictating on matters as inconsequential as lightbulbs? Certainly the political classes did not tell us! And this is yet one more measure under that new religion- fighting climate change.
Now, after the partially sighted, the sick are now set to make a sacrifice in the name of this new religion.
If they are unfortunate to be in a NHS hospital, they look set to have meat taken off their menu- all in the name of reducing carbon emissions.
Isn't this a sacrifice too far? Gaia is certainly a demanding God. Should we really follow its followers? Are they telling us what is Gospel?
Well, it increasingly seems not. The delightful Christopher Booker rubbished another survey which claimed Antartica was warming up, when it seems the continent isn't when you look at the issue further. Booker's article certainly seems to me that we have Global Warmongers twisting facts and cheating on evidence to suit their aims.
And what are these aims? To create ever powerful government once more, that pokes its nose into nooks and crannies, to deny people freedom. So just as we lost the Communist evil empire in the 1980s, we now see attempts to re-establish fresh dictatorship of the prolateriat based on dodgy science.
Why are we all so gullible in falling for it, in letting government impose such attacks on our freedom.
And if such climate change was actually happening, shouldn't we then have a free debate to see if any further limits on our freedoms is a price worth paying for any benefit such restrictions may bring?
It seems we are all cowering down before this new God without question!


observer said...

Seems to me you are confusing Gaia with ecosh1t!

The concept of true Gaianism is that there is a finite amount of energy - irrespective of what form (atomic level ) it takes, and that the ecology of the earth (gaia) will balance itself within that finite limit. So as we use more 'matter' (a form of energy) to make people we lose on other forms, as we convert matter to direct energy (e,g, oil) we have to give up on the volume of another form and 'fill the gap' left behind.
In Gaianism, we believe that when the balance is so far out of whack the Earth will correct itself through elimination of a 'parasite' - in this case us - and re-balance. It would only take about 60,000 years to remove all traces of our few thousand years of existence from the planet - an eye blink in planetary terms. The contentious question in Gianism, is how often has this happened before, and when will the planet achieve a state of single consciousness, so that I/we/Gaia will exist. (See Issac Asimov's literature if more detail is required.)

The "Global freezing" - sorry that is so 70s, I mean "Global warming" - sorry that is so 90s, I mean "Climate change" freeks have no perspective beyond 'man', and no understanding of long term weather cycles for planetary ecological balancing and are just an aberration on the experiment of homosapient. Just like the 'flat earth' society, the 'leeches cure all' philosophy and the 'sun is God' mantras, they too shall pass.

hemi said...

"...and because these energy efficient bulbs use less power, they give off no heat, so extra heaters might have to be used..."

Ah yes, because every winter the family and I huddle round our 100W untinted incandescent bulb to keep ourselves warm.

Psycho Milt said...

Fairfacts is simply anticipating life under the next Tory govt, Hemi...