Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Historic day- just like the Queen's Coronation!

I was in Leeds earlier today shopping with my parents.

As we wandered through one of the historic Victorian arcades, I noticed mum and dad had been accosted by a pretty young girl of Afro-Caribbean origin.

It turned out she was a reporter for the local BBC radio station and was asking passersby about how historic Obama's big day was to them.

Mum compared it to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth , 9-11, the day Princess Diana died, and the day Kennedy was shot- one of those days you will always remember where you were.

I turned up and was asked of 'similar' historic days , so I recalled the day Margaret Thatcher was elected and Tony Blair. We were being encouraged to associate Obama's inauguration with those big days of history.

I added Obama was so inexperienced and had only been a senator for two years and he had a lot to deal with like a global recession and trouble in the Middle East. But by then the microphone was off though the friendly reporter agreed many had remarked on his youth and had people's expectations been raised so high.

I felt it would have been be unkind to add Obama was also a leftist lightweight with dodgy connections who attained his place on the Democrat's ticket through some unsavoury means.

Or that after eight years of a Republican president who did not endear himself to the masses, that yes, there was a great feeling for change, whoever the Donks had had on their ticket.

However, I do feel the sense of history for non-whites in that one of their own kind can make it to the top as well.

And now this has happened, I can only hope that in future people of all colours can make it to the top on merit, rather than on grounds of race, sex or sexuality. Hopefully, in 2012 or whever, no-one will get excited over black candidates any more, though America still has to have its first woman president (Clinton or Palin?).

I still feel Obama gained his position through white guilt and the media being so excited at the sense of history or Hollywood in anAfrican-American coming to power. You only have to look at his record, Obama is not that special. And we have seen other blacks better qualified for the US presidency, such as Gen Colin Powell or Condi Rice.

So yes, after the adulation of the Messiah, let us hope we can all move on, and treat future presidential candidates the same, whoever they are and judge them on the colour of their policies not the colour of their skin.

I guess that makes me more of a non-racist than the liberals having their orgasms today.

You see, the world is not as racist as some have us believe. In fact it is perhaps the opposite.

Positive discrimination is just so passe, yet the left cling on to this failed collectivist ideology.

Indeed, Trevor Philips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has called Britain the least racist country in Europe.

Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn also notes racism is often levelled where it isn't their and how the 'anti-racists' and 'guilt-tripping' white folks cause many troubles for all of us.

So now, in the spirit of equality, let us enjoy this caption competion, which for a photo like this would have been too impossible to resist, whoever had been inaugurated president this afternoon.


Skyman said...

" though America still has to have its first woman president "

So what? Does that mean we're not truly complete until we do?

PM of NZ said... my policies, a thin veneer.

Anonymous said...

Christ Obama was all rhetoric and no substance...a bit like a certain former female PM of NZ...

bozo said...

I can't wait to see the first Obama massive bombing of Iran for its secret nuclear program.


Oh yes, Skyman.
You have to have a woman.
Then a hispanic.
Then an openly gay president.
Then maybe a disabled one.
Then you have to find someone who has several or all the characteristics.
I just hope the Republicans have such a candidate.

transmogrifier said...

Did you see that!? I think a liberal just sneered at me, from behind her expresso.

And that liberal just made fun of my braces, even though I need them to hold up my pants!

Liberals! Liberals! They're everywhere!

*screams, before realising that the labels "liberals" and "neocons" are pejorative labels used by people too lazy to address issues, and much prefer to focus on the holder of the opinions (after all, it's difficult to comprehend the intricacies of Aerica's race issue, but it sure is easy to make fun of someone's fat arse)*

Besides that, keep up the good work.